What is a good rate of fire

Valorant: The best weapons for every situation

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Which pistol loadouts are optimal? Which weapons do you use to get picks in eco-rounds? And of course: Phantom or Vandal?

Your options in the Pistol Round

If you can handle the Classic, you can get a body armor and plenty of skills. Many players swear by the Ghost, which one-shots against opponents without armor with headshots in a short to medium range. Those who prefer to go to the close range are well served with Frenzy + Body Armor, which works almost like an SMG. The weapon that uses up all of your 800 credits is the sheriff: If you choose it, you can get a kill on every range with a headshot, but otherwise have no money for further goodies. Experiment and try to find your best loadout, which can vary from agent to agent.

The Rifle Question: Phantom or Vandal? And what good is the Bulldog?

On paper, the two best rifles don't give much: The Phantom deals the same damage as the Vandal at close range (up to 15m), but has a rate of fire almost 20% more than the Vandal. Even when scoped, it shoots faster than the Vandal and allows the shooter to adjust the spray pattern while shooting. In addition, thanks to the silencer, it is more difficult to hear and the shots cannot be seen as well as the vandal's. Thanks to this feature, it is well suited to shooting through smokes without revealing your position too much.
Then who is better for the Vandal? At long distances, the Vandal is the only fully automatic weapon that guarantees a kill with a headshot on any range. Even with a poor rate of fire and a more difficult to control spray, the Vandal has its raison d'etre on longer sight lines.
If you have too little money for a full buy round or have won the Pistol Round, the Bulldog is not a bad alternative, especially if the opponents have to play an eco-round. The triple shot in scoped mode can certainly lead to a one-burst kill. All in all, it has less damage output than the Vandal at the same rate of fire and can therefore be seen as a budget vandal.

This is how you play effectively in an eco-round

If you don't have enough money for the upper rifles or if the team wants to synchronize its economy, you can still use the classic alternative of the Specter, which still has quite good accuracy, especially when running, and can thus reward an aggressive style of play. Shotguns are an alternative: These are also precise when running and jumping and can surprise opponents quite cheaply. Aim it at the chest so that the top of the circle is at head level for maximum damage. The Bucky also has an Alternative Fire, which keeps the spread of the weapon more compact and is intended for medium distances.
For longer distances, the Marshal is the weaker of the two sniper rifles and thus a very inexpensive alternative to pistols that kills any opponent with a headshot. If your opponents also do an eco-lap and sometimes cannot or do not want to perform body armor, a body shot is sufficient.
If you or your team can provide the money to buy an operator, this can be a round-winning option. Opponents who sneak around corners without utilities like flashbangs or smokes are easy victims for the operator. Therefore, try to change your starting positions often in order to surprise your opponents and prepare the round in your favor with a first blood. Should you be playing against snipers with operators, try to coordinate with your teammates slightly offset in time to run around an angle or to storm the enemy from several sides with the operator, if you do not have the skills to overpower the opposing sniper.