Why can't we use phones on airplanes

Internet What does airplane mode mean?


If you don't travel by plane very often, chances are you'll hardly ever use airplane mode. Everyone knows that before an airplane takes off, you are asked to activate flight mode or turn off your smartphone completely. But why is it like that? What does flight mode do anyway? We answer these and other questions for you here.

What is airplane mode?

Flight mode, or airplane mode, deactivates all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular and data connections on your smartphone or tablet that can affect the various sensors and devices in aircraft. You have probably already held your smartphone next to a loudspeaker and heard a loud hum. If flight mode is activated, this does not happen.

Why do you need airplane mode?

By turning off cellular service and WiFi, you ensure that your smartphone can be used on an airplane in accordance with federal and airline regulations. While there is little evidence that cell phones can really affect navigational equipment or the performance of an airplane, airlines are more concerned about the impact on cell towers on the ground. Telephones that are at flight altitude can overcrowd cellular networks and cause interference.

What can you do with your smartphone in airplane mode?

Because airplane mode blocks your connection to cellular networks, you cannot make calls, send or receive messages. Usually, you can't do anything that requires an internet connection, as your Wi-Fi connection will also be turned off. However, WLAN is now offered in many aircraft. In this case, you can reactivate WLAN manually, despite airplane mode.

When should you use airplane mode?

You should turn on airplane mode before taking off an airplane. But there are a few other situations that you can use the setting as well. Because turning on the mode is a great way to save battery. In fact, your smartphone will charge faster when in airplane mode too, as it has next to nothing to do. You can also avoid distractions from Facebook, Instagram and Co., as you will not receive any notifications without an Internet connection. So if you are working on an important project or need to concentrate, turn on airplane mode. And we recommend turning on airplane mode when handing your smartphone over to children. This not only prevents you from being able to call anyone, but also prevents unwanted notifications from appearing.