I get a real solid match here

My Tinder Experience: Real Love or Just One Night Stands?

Welcome to the 21st century! Here you get to know true love by wiping ...

But is this really true?

Is it possible to really find a guy to be in a relationship with on Tinder or do you just meet one fuckboy after another there?

I conducted an interview with a friend whom I would like to call Lisa here at her request.

Lisa has been babysitting regularly for about 1.5 years and has dated around 30 guys.

What she thinks of the platform, the guys and, above all, of true love, she told me in an impressive manner!

Have fun!

My Tinder Experience: True Love or One Night Stands?

Why Tinder?

I: "Hi Lisa, I wrote in advance to the friends group if anyone had experience with Tinder and would like to interview me. Why did you volunteer directly? "

Lisa:"Hello Yoko, so first of all you are my girlfriend and I want to support you and on the other hand, after these 1.5 years in which I have been using this app, I have to share my experiences with other women, because what I do there experience, nobody believes you ... "

I: "Oh man, that sounds like you're curating Tinder a lot ... I would still like to add some structure to your story. The first question: Why did you even start tindering? "

Lisa: “Well, I had my last steadfast relationship 3 years ago and I developed professionally while I was single. I mean you're married, but do you know how difficult it is for working women to meet a man today? All the good guys at work are already taken and I don't have time to go out every day in the evening ... "

I: "OK, you had the clear goal of getting to know someone ... But why about Tinder?"

Lisa: “Many other dating platforms were too expensive for me and just writing good-looking men on Insta is stupid. At least at Tinder you know that they are looking too. And ... somehow the system is also fun and you're always really excited to see if you have a match with the guy. "

Dating with Tinder matches

I:"On the first date on Tinder, how did she feel?"

Lisa:"Honest? Somehow strange ... I mean you can see the profile and now people are already writing what they are looking for directly in their profile, but apart from a few messages, you haven't spoken to the person at all. It's just like a blind date ... and that can be really bad. So I was definitely very excited. "

I: "And what expectations did you have of the Tinder date?"

Lisa: "I think my expectations were relatively low, I mean, I already knew beforehand what men mainly use these platforms for ..."

I: "Has your assumption been confirmed?"

Lisa: "But 100% ... Maybe there are really couples who met through Tinder and are happy together to this day. In the whole time I haven't met a guy who would have been relationship material. Either they were really just out for sex or they were just kind of weird. "

I: "There wasn't a single sensible man there?"

Lisa: “I met one of them 3 times. That was really a sweet one in itself, only the problem with this platform: If men have a match, they have a lot of matches ... There should be a ban that you have to talk to the match first and only then can you continue tindering, when you have decided against the person. My guy had got to know other women next to me and in the end I found that pretty unhot ... "

You should pay attention to this as a woman on Tinder ...

I: “I can understand that, no woman wants to be just one of many. Are you still tindering? "

Lisa: "Yes, but more out of sheer boredom ... I no longer date men I met through Tinder. I'm now trying to do more at the weekend and give men more opportunities offline. But with increasing age, the demands on guys get higher ... Somehow no man is more responsible and a true gentleman these days ... "

I: What is your ultimate tip when it comes to Tinder - a tip that nobody told you before? "

Lisa: “There is no magic formula when it comes to online dating. Do you want to have fun and try yourself out as a woman? You can definitely do that with Tinder. However, if you are looking for the man of your life, then you have to be very patient. You need a protective shield against which all the idiots ricochet off. My tip to all women who are looking for love online: Do not try to get dragged down by bad dates and do not start to harbor prejudices against all other men. Every man is different and you should give everyone a fair chance ... "

I:“I couldn't have put it better! Lisa, thank you for sharing your experience with the community. I think many women, like you, are looking for true love and can now better assess whether Tinder and online dating are a good opportunity for them. "

I wish you, who have just read the article, the best of luck that you will soon find your dream man.

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