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Hello dear Doris,

I don't think you know the story of Fine. She was / is really a super power lady and wears a Rahmouni corset. Nevertheless, after a long period of trying to wear a corset all day, she decided to have an operation. The decision to do so was really not easy for her to read there:

Important questions for those who have already been operated on!

In this thread, Toni Fine's story of suffering got to the point very nicely.

I find it very admirable that Fine continues to wear her corset despite her decision to have an operation that is due soon.

Fine is also talking about day trips here. Wearing a highly effective corset on longer marches is very difficult. I think that I can say of myself that as a teenager I had an extremely high level of compliance when it came to wearing corsets (from 9 to 19 years of age, apart from a short period, I was worn 23 hours a day, then only at night for a year , a Rahmouni corset for the last four years). But with the best will in the world, I couldn't manage days of hiking in a corset. It was always a special reward for me if I could skip it for a day or if I stayed at home.

Once I wanted to take part in a day of hiking in the 7th grade in a corset, but after a kilometer I was exhausted, and I went back with the class leader and two schoolmates, where we sat down in a restaurant (of course without drinking alcohol) and on the others waited. They are 8 km marches. And once, at the age of 13, I took part in an 8 km march in a corset, and at the same time had a wheelchair with me as a "walker" and "for emergencies" (i.e. for me when I can no longer). This march was grueling and I wouldn't do anything like it anymore. I thought that we would only walk for half an hour, I hadn't noticed that in reality a mammoth march (from my point of view) was coming up. A few days later, my back was completely pimped and very sore (I wore it non-stop for several days and nights because I was in a tent camp and, for fear of pain, I did not want the corset to be put on by a supervisor).

So, dear Doris-Knuti, don't be so hard with Fine, she doesn't deserve it. And she certainly does not suffer from a lack of self-confidence.


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