Why do we dissect frogs

In the future, only dissect frogs virtually

Charleston / USA - The frogs and rats that have already lost their lives in the service of education in biology classes are countless. Animal rights activists in the USA are therefore calling for software to be used instead of animals in the future to simulate the animal sections.

Marylin Grindley of the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) criticizes that slicing animals dulls children's natural sensibilities. "They are being taught that we have no respect for animals," says Grindley.

Virtual frog

In 14 US states there are already guidelines that allow students to refuse to participate in a section without this having an impact on their biology grades. The SPCA is committed to promoting alternatives to animal testing. That's why she donates section software such as "Virtual Frog" to schools.

At Wheeling Park High School in West Virginia, students can now study frog organs on the screen. You make cuts and sew up wounds with a virtual scalpel. Body functions are simulated with the help of animations.

Software at universities

At universities, the animal section has been replaced by software for some time. In 1982 it was still common practice at 107 of 124 universities to impart knowledge of anatomy, physiology and surgery to medical students with the help of animal experiments. Today this only happens at eight of 154 universities. (APA / red)