Are Apple AirPods good for exercising?

Apple AirPods Pro: Sound great, but a flop for runners?

The Apple AirPods Pro look stylish, come with cool features such as noise canceling and have a great sound. But are the luxury headphones also suitable for running? Spoiler: We have our doubts about that. Why we still don't want to miss the Apple AirPods Pro in everyday life and what we like so much about the headphones, we'll tell you in the video review.

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Facts about the Apple AirPods Pro

Marketing spokes of the manufacturer: “We have redefined wearing comfort with a new class of in-ear headphones. Their individual fit seals particularly well and enables active noise canceling. So you only feel your music, not your headphones. "

Special features: Active noise canceling ensures that the ambient noise is suppressed and that you can fully indulge in music or podcast enjoyment. There is also a transparency mode, which when activated does exactly the opposite, so that AirPods Pro wearers hear their surroundings louder. This ensures, for example, more safety in road traffic. Especially for all runners who like to run with music. In addition, you can also make phone calls with the AirPods Pro thanks to the built-in microphones.

Price: € 271.95 RRP

2. First impression

after unpacking: As is typical for Apple, the AirPods Pro come in stylish and simple packaging. The package contains only the bare essentials - the AirPods Pro, the charging case and a charging cable. Very chic. Pairing with the iPhone works without any problems.

 after the first sample: Great sound, great noise canceling, thanks to different attachments they sit well in the ear. Charging is super easy in the case.

after the first run: The noise canceling is particularly noticeable in the big city and ensures pleasant noise isolation. Byebye annoying subway noise. Unfortunately, the AirPods come off while running - due to a change in pressure in the inner ear🤷‍♀️ ??? The permanent readjustment of the AirPods is annoying in the long run.

3. Conclusion 

Two hearts beat in my chest. On the one hand, I love the stylish look and the sound quality of the AirPods Pro. I also think it's great that you can make calls with the headphones. You are my constant companion everywhere. With the simple handling of the headphones, I am constantly listening to my favorite music or podcasts. Telephoning with the phone to my ear - no longer with me.

What annoys me is that the headphones are unfortunately rather unsuitable for running and doing sports. Even the previous generation offered a better fit in the ear. With the ancient cable headphones from Apple, I even ran competitions without them falling out:


  • Active noise canceling that really works
  • transparent noise mode ideal for running
  • Stylish look
  • Rich, balanced sound
  • long battery life and fast charging


  • no tight fit during exercise - the AirPods Pro can easily fall out while running and especially during an intensive workout
    • Memory foam attachments from other providers can help here (not yet tested, came as feedback from the community)
  • Decent price

And always remember: every foot I am different ... ear. I mean every ear is different.

Disclaimer: The headphones were made available to us as a PR sample. This has no influence on our assessment of the product.

Eileen Wegner

Loves competitions, food and anything nerdy. Eileen has been an editor at Achilles Running since 2019 and a runner through and through. As a herd animal, she can mostly be found in community runs. When she is not walking on asphalt, she also likes to crawl through the mud on obstacle courses and try all kinds of sports. The main thing is a lot of variety and fun!

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