When did Albert Einstein become famous?

But the breakthrough in his fame came with the end of the war in 1918 and the German defeat. It was only at this point that the general reluctance to work and mindset about Einstein's work turned into pride and admiration. He belonged to the nation of poets and thinkers. England recognized his ideas with the aim of the Vinternational understanding.

The re-measurement of the light deflection around 1915, when the experimental value corresponded well to the calculated value, based on the general theory of relativity, brought Einstein's fame all over the world. However, he also had direct opponents of his theories and in some cases linked politics and science, much to the displeasure of his colleagues (

As you can imagine, Einstein has now become some kind of star, famous as he was. Everyone wanted to see him. He traveled to almost all the capitals in the world. There was a strange atmosphere at his lectures: ´´ ... audience was much too excited to even try to follow the meaning of the lecture. One did not want to understand, but to attend an exciting event.´´
or: ´´ ... people just wanted to be in the immediate vicinity where a miracle happens.´´