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The Bible in the standard translation


Peter's first letter, chapter 3


Women and men in marriage

1 Petr 3.1In the same way you women should submit to your husbands, so that if they disobey the word (of the gospel) they too may be won over by the life of their wives without words,1 Petr 3.2when you see how revered and pure you live.1 Petr 3.3You should not attach importance to external jewelry, hairstyle, gold and splendid clothes,1 Petr 3.4but what is hidden in the heart, that is your imperishable adornment: a gentle and calm being. That is valuable in God's eyes.1 petr 3.5This is how the holy women who put their hope in God adorned themselves: They submitted to their husbands.1 Petr 3.6Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him her master. You have become their children if you act right and are not afraid of intimidation.1 petr 3.7Likewise, you men should be considerate in dealing with your wives, for they are the weaker part; honor them, for they too are heirs to the grace of life. So nothing will stand in the way of your prayers..

Call to unity

1 Petr 3.8Finally: be all of one mind, full of compassion and brotherly love, be merciful and humble!1 Petr 3.9Do not retaliate for evil for evil, nor for offense for offense! Instead, bless; for you are called to receive blessings.1 Petr 3.10It says: Whoever loves life / and wishes to see good days, keep his tongue from evil / and his lips from false speech.1 Petr 3.11He avoid evil and do good; / he seeks peace and pursues him.1 Petr 3.12For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears hear their supplications; / but the face of the Lord is directed against the wicked..

Right conduct in the world

1 Petr 3.13And who will harm you if you zealously strive for what is good?1 Petr 3.14But even if you have to suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed to be praised. Do not be afraid of them and do not be frightened,1 Petr 3.15but keep the Lord Christ holy in your heart. Always be ready to answer anyone who asks about the hope that fills you;1 Petr 3.16but answer humbly and reverently, for you have a clear conscience. Then those who abuse you for living righteously in (fellowship with) Christ will be ashamed of their slander.1 Petr 3.17It is better to suffer for good deeds if it is God's will than for evil.1 Petr 3.18For Christ died only once because of sins, he, the righteous, for the unrighteous, in order to lead you to God; He was killed in flesh, made alive in spirit.1 Petr 3.19So he went to the spirits who were in prison and preached to them.1 Petr 3.20These were once disobedient when God waited patiently in Noah's day while the ark was being built; in it only a few, namely eight people, were saved by the water.1 Petr 3.21This corresponds to the baptism that now saves you. It does not serve to cleanse the body of dirt, but it is a request to God for a clear conscience due to the resurrection of Jesus Christ,1 Petr 3.22who went to heaven; there he is at the right hand of God, and angels, rulers and powers are subject to him.