How was Roentgen discovered

On November 8th, 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered these new types of rays, which he first called "X" rays and which today in Germany are only known as "X-rays".

At the end of the year, Röntgen was working with "cathode rays" when he suddenly saw light during a certain experimental set-up, although there was actually no supposed to be any (based on physical knowledge at the time). His great achievement now consisted in the fact that he consistently pursued this phenomenon and tried to fathom the nature and origin of his "X" rays. He was so conscientious that it took more than 10 years for other physicists to learn more about the rays.

he probably the most important discovery he made was the fact that X-rays pass through matter and you can "photograph" the inside of this matter. Our everyday "X-ray images" have their origin in this discovery.

he x-rays that Röntgen published as evidence of his discovery sparked an incredible wave of amazement and enthusiasm in society. His discovery was one of the few in physics that fascinated everyone, even the farmer or forester. Above all, however, in medicine one was almost beside oneself because one could finally look inside the body, which completely revolutionized medicine.

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