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Study: People who don't wear face masks have sociopathic tendencies

It's always frustrating to see people who don't wear a face mask. It is even worse to see people who, even when asked, refuse to put on a mask in closed rooms because they believe that they are right - and thus put their lives and those of those around them at risk. Now, some studies suggest that this unwillingness to follow safety measures and wear a mask could be the result of a sociopathic or narcissistic personality. (Of course, this does not apply to people who cannot or are not allowed to wear a mask for health reasons, for example because of an asthma disease.) (Read here: This is how you can tell whether you need to change your mask)

A study by Professor Fabian Koich Miguel and his colleagues at the State University of Londrina, a city in southern Brazil, found that these people had characteristics such as "lack of empathy, tendency to deceive and manipulate", which were also found in sociopathic people may occur. (Read also: Fans of Attila Hildmann fall for satire and trigger Shitstorm)

Empathetic people wear face masks, antisocial people don't

The study was based on a survey of around 1,600 people in Brazil asked if they were following the safety measures for the coronavirus, and several online personality tests were conducted between March and June of this year that helped split them into two groups: the "empathic" group and the "antisocial" group. (Also interesting: study: empathic people adhere to corona guidelines)

The first group included about 1,200 people who exhibited traits such as an interest in understanding other people's feelings and motivations and a propensity to develop positive social interactions.

On the other hand, the second group of 400 people showed symptoms of antisocial personality disorder (colloquially known as sociopaths or psychopaths). People in this group looked for ways in which their interactions could be personally beneficial to them and how to find ways to get their way. This also included the fact that they even spread false news, e.g. that mouth coverings caused illness. (Also Read: The Best 2020 Masks To Buy Right Now)

Sociopaths don't believe in the need for social distancing

This group included all those people who do not wear a face mask and who do not follow the rules of social distancing. In the surveys, most of the people with signs of Antisocial Personality Disorder responded that they didn't think the protection rules were necessary, so they decided not to obey them. (Also interesting: mouthguards for people who wear glasses: this is how you wear a mask without the glasses fogging up)

"These characteristics explain, at least in part, why people fail to adhere to containment measures despite the high number of cases and deaths," the study said. With more than three million cases, Brazil is the second most coronavirus-affected country after the United States. Its president, Jair Bolsonaro, has downplayed the coronavirus and refused to use face masks and put in place quarantine measures. He was diagnosed with the coronavirus himself, but recovered.

The second study on the subject was carried out by researchers in Poland and published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. It also concludes that those who fail to adhere to coronavirus measures are, in large part, narcissists, psychopaths and manipulators. This shows not only in the lack of use of masks, but also in the behavior that was observed at the beginning of the pandemic, when some people began to hoard essential products. (Also read: How can you avoid reaching into your face all the time?)

Can you change self-centered people?

"These personalities do not take part in preventive measures because they do not believe its benefits. They see it primarily as inconvenience for themselves," say the researchers.

But can we change these people? “We can't change a personality, but we can change beliefs. The first practical takeaway is that we can encourage self-centered people to take preventive action by showing them that prevention works and is not as demanding as is often thought, ”say the researchers. (Also read: Corona masks in the test - one even increases the risk of being infected)

The researchers also found that other people who exhibited sociopathic behavior (as well as some YouTubers) were actually positive about the coronavirus pandemic because they could use it to their own advantage. (Also interesting: According to the expert, we will have to wear mouth and nose protection for years)

The subject is complex as these sociopathic traits vary in different people, but the truth is that most mouthguard refusers appear to lack empathy in the face of a crisis that has killed nearly 1 million people worldwide.

This article appeared in the original under the titlePersonas que no usan cubrebocas tienen tendencias sociópatas: estudioat GQ México.

* Supplemented by the comment that the studies do not, of course, refer to people who cannot wear a mask for health reasons, but to those who refuse for other founders.

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