What is general aerobics

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General information about aerobics

This chapter informs you about basic aerobic knowledge, gives you tips for aerobic training and shows typical mistakes that you should know and avoid.

What is aerobics?

Aerobics is a form of endurance training with, among other things, different choreographies in different intensities. The training is accompanied by special music and the rhythm determines the tempo. The choreographies, which the trainer prepares at home with a lot of effort and effort, should be 4 times 8 counts (bars), because then the sequence corresponds to the special music. You can recognize a good choreography by a good, harmonious sequence.

Types of aerobics

A general distinction is made between low aerobics, high aerobics and mixed aerobics, which are suitable depending on the level of training and age.

  • Low aerobics
    - Steps and step combinations
    - less stress
    - gentle on the joints and spine
    - it is more likely to burn fat
  • High aerobics
    - Run and jump combinations
    - high load
    - loads joints, ligaments and spine
    - Cardiovascular training
  • Mixed aerobics
    This is a mix between low aerobics and high aerobics.
Other types of aerobics include step aerobics, latin aerobics, afro aerobics, boxing aerobics, funky, hip hop, and many more.

What do you train in aerobics?

  • the cardiovascular system is improved (lower high blood pressure and raise low blood pressure)
  • Muscle strength and endurance
  • Removal of toxins (cellulite)
  • coordination
  • agility

Which lesson is suitable for me?

This question can only be answered individually for each person and depends, among other things, on the age, the level of training and the program of the respective aerobic trainer. In general, the following classification can be made:

  • Reduce weight:
    Low aerobics, step basic, step fat burner, hours with constant stress (so little "standing time"), mixed aerobics, step for advanced users
  • Muscle tightening:
    Callanetics, bums-legs-bums, body styling, workouts
  • for tension and back pain:
    Spinal exercises, stretching, relaxing
If you are not sure which intensity is right for you, you should consult your doctor.

What makes a good aerobics trainer

My personal opinion of what makes a good aerobics trainer and thus a good aerobics class:

  • a good aerobics trainer adjusts the intensity and difficulty according to his visitors
  • The choreography is built up in 4 times 8 bars and the steps and step combinations follow in a harmonious order (logically and with ease)
  • Steps and step combinations are structured according to pedagogical guidelines. That means from easy to difficult, from simple to complex and from familiar to new step combinations.
  • The aerobic trainer has good charisma, good technique and an upright, joyful posture
Another tip: If you don't like something during an hour, don't tell your girlfriend, tell the trainer directly - he will be grateful to you!