Safe is Chinatown San Francisco at night

San Francisco security in the Civic Center area of ​​Market street

I've been to SFO four times. The Civic Center area is known to be not the safest - but only after dark. But that's actually the same everywhere in SFO, as in other cities in the USA. During the day I was often in the area of ​​the Civi-Center and never felt unsafe.

Not only here you can find a lot of homeless people, but also in other areas of SFO. There are so many homeless people in SFO, of all places, for a special reason - a former mayor said many years ago that it cannot be that not every citizen in the United States gets at least one hot meal a day, and in SFO it does called soup kitchens. Of course, word got around quickly and the city was literally overrun with homeless people. These remained even after the soup kitchens were abolished.

So - during the day it is like everywhere else, at night I would avoid the area - as well as other areas in SFO. I don't know the hotel, I've stayed in other hotels, namely the Hotel Cathedral Hill on Van Ness Ave. or in the Hilton San Francisco Financial District Kearny-St, very close to Chinatown. In Chinatown, I never felt unsafe even at night, even when I was out alone.

(By the way: Many scenes were shot in the Hilton in Kearny St and the actors were also accommodated for the German three-part TV series: Wilder Westen Inclusive)