Croatia cheated against England

Has the Fifa general secretary cheated? | Conspiracy theory about World Cup draw

Draws and votes at the world federation Fifa - a topic in itself!

A few days after the 2014 World Cup groups were drawn, it was quiet. But now the discussions get rolling: Was there any cheating during the drawing of General Secretary Jérôme Valcke (53)?

There are conspiracy theories in Spain and Argentina! How honest was this draw?

Keyword Argentina: The South Americans ended up in a group with Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia-Herzegovina. But it is much more exciting that the Argentines ended up in Group F. Because that fits the association pretty well into the planning ...

More information about the World Cup draw

Argentina get their games near their own quarters, of all places. And that's been planned for months.

Because the Argentines have long booked for accommodation in Belo Horizonte. This is exactly where the second group game against Iran will take place. The opening game will be played in nearby Rio de Janeiro. And the third group game in Pote Alegre, near home in Argentina. A possible semi-final would also take place in Belo Horizonte.

Is it all just coincidence? Conceivable. Or is it a conspiracy? South American newspapers suspect that. Could Argentina really know months ago that Belo Horizonte would be a good choice?

Explosive: According to the "Süddeutscher Zeitung", the Cidade do Galo district was not an accredited accommodation of Fifa. Only when Argentina decided in favor of the quarter did Fifa take it on.

What, according to the South American media, especially “La Nacion”, does not exactly speak against the conspiracy theories: The strong man behind FIFA President Joseph Blatter (77) is Vice President Grondona (82). He has also been chairman of the Argentine association AFA since 1979 - and has long been surrounded by scandals.

What also caught the eye of many neutral observers: While Losfee Fernanda Lima (36) always opened her balls for everyone to see, Valcke kept disappearing behind the desk with his hands and balls (see video). What happened there? Not to be seen.

This not only makes many doubt the lots in Argentina, but also in Spain there are increasing critical voices.

With the Netherlands, Chile and Australia, the world and European champions got difficult lots. And in Spain it is said that the lots did not fall by chance. Precisely because Valcke's hands were seldom seen in the picture. The world association wanted to slow down the team.

What did Valcke's hands really do? And did Argentina really show foresight without help? It remains to be seen whether there will ever be answers to these questions.