How can I deal with idiots

10 ways to ignore people who are ruining a perfect day

We all have to deal with idiots on occasion who make us unhappy. Use these ways to spot and ignore people who are always finding a way to ruin your day.

Douchebags are everywhere, and that's a fact in life that most of us hate. Everyone has that one person in their life who can easily make you unhappy just by their presence. We always wonder why, despite the fact that the universe is an idiot, there are individuals who add to the suffering by being a storm cloud on another person's fine day. But it is like that. C'est la vie.

We hate these types of people and we tend not to associate them. But there are cases when we cannot avoid them completely like the plague. Because of this, we have no choice but to take action against their negative presence. An effective way is to use these simple and innocent evasions to ensure that your day stays fresh and enjoyable.

Who are these people?

As I said, the universe itself can be an idiot making sure such people take the form of a co-worker, college classmate, boss, neighbor, or even family member that you have to see or treat every waking day. You might recognize these guys:

# 1 The Quintessential Jerk. These are the types of people you would kill instantly if there weren't any laws against it. They are disgusting bullies who actively put you down through insults and humiliating comments. Your idea of ​​social interaction is antagonistic to everyone and makes their life miserable.

# 2 The constant whiner. These people may not be idiots about personality, but they unwittingly ruin your day with their constant complaints about their problems, which are often simple and shallow. They will come to you for advice, but whatever advice you give will fall to the deaf ear. They think that the whole world should mourn with them when they have problems. These people are also known as "ask-holes".

# 3 The narcissistic Braggart. You have met one of these at least once in your life. They are the ones who steal the limelight from every conversation. They are self-centered, attention-grabbing idiots who think they are infallible and should be worshiped by those around them. These are the guys who talk behind your back and generally talk a lot.

How to ignore people who breed negativity

Unfortunately, however you try to avoid them, you can't keep negative people at bay forever. There will be times when you have to deal with them. In that case, try these tips:

# 1 Avoid eye contact. Just like what your parents used to say, whenever you meet a vicious dog, avoid eye contact and get on with your day peacefully. Otherwise, eye contact could cause them to approach you and talk to you, and you will be trapped in a very uncomfortable situation.

# 2 Don't talk to them. Angry people feed on your reaction to their provocations. That is the reason for their constant efforts to make you miserable. An easy way to nip them in the bud is to ignore them completely. If they see that you don't care, they probably leave you alone.

# 3 Keep your conversations short . When dealing with them is inevitable, short answers can help make things easier. Make sure you limit your conversation to questions that can only be answered with yes or no. If they are trying to have a long conversation or jerk, walk away.

# 4 Try to avoid her space . You can have an idea of ​​where these people are moving or where they are. So if you want to reduce the chances of encountering them, these are the places that you should stay away from.

# 5 Stay busy . This is effective in school or at work. When you are busy with your job, you are less likely to be disturbed by other people. And it has many other benefits too. You will get things done, time will fly, and you will keep the idiot away.

# 6 Take "buffer" people . Buffer people, as cruel as it may sound, can be used as a human shield to keep that annoying person from talking to you. This could be an employee who is equally unhappy with the person or even an intimidating friend. Mark these tags when you are most vulnerable, such as during your lunch break.

# 7 Use your phone . Be busy fiddling through your phone or faking a call when you realize the annoying person has brought you into sight. Do this until you are out of sight.

# 8 Wear headphones . Another way to avoid them is to wear your headphones and listen to some feel-good music when you find them floating around like vultures ready to catch you on your good day. Headphones act as a large "do not disturb" sign above your head and are a great excuse to ignore them by saying that you cannot hear them over the music.

# 9 Don't make them a topic of conversation. Let's say the person successfully soured your day. The trick is to forget and move on. Make the person realize that you are not affected by their douchiness. Complaining and talking about it will only make the day worse. Take a friend out and start talking on a new topic to keep them out of your mind.

# 10 evasive maneuvers. These are easy ways to avoid these disgusting people if you spot them on your radar:

a) When you pass the hall, fumble around in your pocket as if you were looking for something if you walk faster.

b) Use the terrain to your advantage, like that Art of war says. The water dispenser, an empty cell, or a corner shop can give you refuge if needed.

c) Taking a short break in the bathroom can help you escape them when they prove stubborn.

No matter what, there will always be people who want to ruin your day. The only question is, do you let them do what they want or do you keep the negativity out of your life by turning your head the other way and ignoring them.