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William Shakespeare

This is what William Shakespeare really could have looked like. But you don't know exactly who painted the picture.

William Shakespeare, pronounced Shejks-Pir, is the most famous writer who wrote in English. He lived 400 years ago. A lot was done for the theater back then. The stage was about what people were passionate about back then: politics and religion. A play had to be entertaining and fun, but also exciting and sophisticated.

Shakespeare was very good at writing such plays and putting himself in the shoes of the different characters. His plays were about people from history such as "Hamlet", a prince from Denmark, or "Richard the Third", an English king. Other pieces take place in an imaginary world. His sonnets are also well-known, artistically composed poems.

As with many people in his day, we don't know very much about his life. He was born in 1564, but you don't know the exact birthday, for example. That is why it is often not possible to say when exactly he wrote which piece. Also, there is probably no picture of him taken while he was alive. Some people even claim that it didn't even exist.

The works of William Shakespeare have been translated into many languages. Because of his plays, some other well-known plays have been written and eventually made into films. The theater for which Shakespeare wrote was called "Globe". It was lost in fire, but today there are replicas in London and other cities around the world.

  • Prince Hamlet with the gravedigger. The scene with the skull is very famous.

  • The balcony scene from the play "Romeo and Juliet" is also very famous.

  • This oak plays an important role in a midsummer night's dream.

  • Today's Globe Theater in London. A fun play by Shakespeare is currently being performed: Lost Labor Labor.

  • Shakespeare was born in this house.

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