How was Hillary Clinton's email server deleted

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Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted mistakes. In New York, she spoke publicly for the first time on the allegations that she had sent business e-mails via a private address. Her reason: something else was too annoying for her.

Top politicians often carry two cell phones with them: a business and a private one. Business is mostly bug-proof, private is for personal use.

Hillary Clinton was too troublesome. "I thought it was easier to carry just one device with me for my work and my personal e-mails than two," said the former US Secretary of State in New York. She made public statements on the allegations for the first time after a UN meeting. Handling business and private correspondence from one device was simply "more convenient". In retrospect, it would have been better to use a second account and have a second phone with you.

Clinton also made it clear that in her four years as Secretary of State she had not violated any rules or sent any classified material. "I fully complied with every regulation," said the 67-year-old. Her private mail server, which was set up for her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, was always secure.

55,000 e-mails should be in the network

Hillary Clinton is traded as the next Democratic candidate for president in the United States, and she is slated to succeed current President Barack Obama. The allegations are also serious because they could cause problems for the politician in the primary campaign for the candidacy.

Clinton therefore went on the offensive. She had already announced last week that she would have the e-mails published.

The State Department announced today that it will be posting Clinton's emails on the Internet in a few months. A spokeswoman said, however, that passages will be blackened if US national security, Clinton's private life or trade secrets are concerned. The ex-foreign minister spoke of an "unprecedented step" to dispel doubts.

According to Clinton, he handed over 30,000 emails to the ministry; She had another 30,000 private emails deleted from her server: "I had no reason to keep them."