Is surfing without a VPN still safe?

Surf the Internet anonymously: Dive into the Internet with a virtual hoodie

Surfing incognito: the most important points in brief

  • The Tor browser is still the method of choice today to surf anonymously. Due to the default settings, a easy installation of the program.
  • anonymity comes at the cost of convenience: with the Tor browser, you are slower than usual on the Internet.
  • Also about VPN clients you can hide your IP address. Completely anonymous however, do not surf with it. You can adapt your browser to the Fingerprinting but face it a little.

Surfing without leaving a trace: no easy undertaking

For some people, the Internet poses itself as a large playground or shopping center threatened Internet users make themselves rather To carehow to move around safely in the network and surf anonymously can. The right to privacy This also applies to the Internet - but it is difficult to do push through.

This guide provides various possibilities before surfing anonymously and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the various variants.

The Tor project: a proxy rarely comes alone

Is it about the topic "Surf the net anonymously" everyone stumbles over sooner or later goal - The Onion Router. The Project was developed to each to give the opportunity to surf secretly.

The principle is impressively simple: your query is sent to a website or search engine not directly sent to the appropriate server, but through at least three nodes - so-called nodes - in an encrypted way diverted.

Only the last junction, the exit node, can use the transmitted data see and so to speak makes the request in your place to the server. The intermediate stops have no insight into the passed through data. Anyone with a computer can use it as a node on the Tor network Available put.

All you need to do to use Tor is the Install browser.

tip: Surf with the Tor browser without using it maximize. How to prevent your Screen size is passed on. This information is alone while not revealing, in combination with other parameters cause your calculator clearly is identified.

Network limitations: There are disadvantages to surfing anonymously

However, the principle also has some disadvantage in terms of comfort. The long path that the data has to go suggests: The loading time are in the Tor browser significantly longer than with conventional surfing.

Furthermore are many features turned off by default - about JavaScript or Flash. However, this important step towards anonymity means that certain web applications are no longer function.

Surf anonymously on Facebook with Tor? Everything has its limits!

Social media networks are known for countless dates to be accessed by the visitors to your pages - Facebook is no exception. That too Tor network can not get the collecting rage completely under control. With Tor you can access the .onion version of the page access. Once you are there log in, however, will be back information collected.

100% safe to surf anonymously? Tor is not flawless either

Even if Tor nowadays than that safest option if surfing is encrypted, it offers none complete guarantee. The following problems exist:

  • The exit node could be a listening point: Since everyone has his computer on the Tor network provide can are too Wiretapping services and data collectors started to smuggle their computers into the network. Since the last junction - the exit node - the data that can read is yours Data at riskif this is made available by a data spy. If you transmit personal or even personal data, you should therefore always refer to a HTTPS encryption respect, think highly of.
  • Fingerprinting: That was true for a long time principlethat Tor users don't have fingerprinting - so that Create a profile through the interaction of all accessible system information - identified can be. But nowadays fingerprinting is also in Tor network sometimes possible.
There Onion browser like gate the gate to Darknet represent the Tor network especially in focus various authorities and secret services. Are you not up 100 percent anonymity instructed and you want to im Clearnet stay are certain Alternatives to the Tor browser possible.

Surf the Internet invisibly via VPN

The IP address of a user is usually the key to identify it. The Tor browser directs a request through at least three IP addresses. However, with the help of a VPN client, you can also use your address change yourself.

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network": A virtual, more encrypted Tunnel is created between your computer and the VPN provider's server produced. This then transmits your inquiries to Target website.

Respect, think highly of Make sure the VPN client no data logs created which on Government request would have to be set out.

VPN or proxy? Often times both terms are used synonym related when it comes to surf anonymously. But while VPN is a encrypted Has a connection to the server established Proxy server over all of your information - including your IP address. So your request can at any time be traced back to you. That means surfing anonymously by no means using a proxy can be achieved.

Browser fingerprinting as a trap: IP obfuscation is not enough

With a another IP address to surf, is only the first step towards anonymity. Because not only that possibilitiesto surf anonymously is constantly evolving - including those Opposite side is constantly upgrading.

The so-called "Browser fingerprinting" enables an assignment of the user in 87% of cases - also without the IP address to know. How does this work? Four relevant pieces of information about your system are enough to get a almost unique Create "fingerprint":

  • Installed Plugins
  • Supported Fonts
  • User agent string (certain Identifierswhich from your browser to the server of the visited pages automatically to be transmitted)
  • Supported Media types (e.g. images, text, audio files, etc.)

You can go to checkwhether your browser fingerprint unique and therefore unambiguous even without an IP address assignable is. What helps against fingerprinting?

Deactivate You first JavaScript and Flash - for example, you can prevent the transmission of the support fonts. You should also use the Cookies deactivate the Cache regularly empty and one Ad blocker use.

Certain browsers have a private mode Installed. However, this only provides the first step to surf anonymously. Means VPN client additionally disguise yours IP address.

Customize your Browser settings then on, you are largely anonymous on road.

Would you like to Play it safe go and surf really anonymously, you can choose a browser which is in a virtual machine - so on one virtual system - running. Be on this path only the data of the artificial system transfer.

Conclusion: This is how you can surf the Internet anonymously

Short and sweet summarized you will find a list of yours in the following table possibilitiesto surf anonymously:

 advantagesdisadvantageMeasures / recommendations
Tor network- High level of security for anonymity
- Access to secured .onion sites
- Nodes can be occupied by data octopuses
- Fingerprinting in development
- Slow surfing
- Installation of the Tor browser
- Do not maximize the browser
VPN client- Obfuscation of the IP address
- Little loss of speed when surfing
- Without further settings there is no guarantee of anonymity (browser fingerprinting)- Run the browser in a virtual machine
- Install ad blocker as an add-on
- Do not allow cookies
- Empty the cache regularly
- Turn off JavaScript and Flash
Proxy client- Usually no loss of speed- Often the IP address of the user is transmitted- Not recommended to surf anonymously
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Surf the Internet anonymously: Dive into the Internet with a virtual hoodie
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