Are ENTJ born leaders

ENTJ Personality Type: The Commander

Over seven decades ago, Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers developed a personality test called the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have used the test to discover their own personality type and then use that knowledge to improve their lives. Understanding personality types can not only open the door to a deep understanding of yourself and others, it can also motivate you to overcome your weaknesses while using your person's strengths. With a better understanding of your personality type, you will see growth in many areas, including your relationships and your career. You will also be much more successful if you know exactly why you are acting this way and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.


The 16 personality types

Myers-Briggs identifies four main personality types, each divided into four sub-types

Analysts: Architect (INTJ), Logician (INTP), Commander (ENTJ), Debater (ENTP)

Diplomats: Lawyer (INFJ), Mediator (INFP), Protagonist (ENFJ), Activist (ENFP)

Sentinels: Logistician (ISTJ), Defense Counsel (ISFJ), Managing Director (ESTJ), Consul (ESFJ)

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Explorer: Virtuoso (ISTP), adventurer (ISFP), entrepreneur (ESTP), entertainer (ESFP)

In this post we will examine the ENTJ type and the strengths and weaknesses associated with that personality.

Overview of the personality type ENTJ or Commander

ENTJ is short for extraversion, intuition, thinking and judgment.

Extroversion: ENT patients are motivated by interacting with people. You are sociable and generally have a large group of acquaintances. Social events enliven the ENTJ personality type.

Intuition:ENT patients focus on the bigger picture and the future possibilities. They tend to pay less attention to details and the current situation. The end product is of more interest to the ENT personality than the steps taken to get there.

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Think:ENT patients base their decisions on logical and objective facts. ENTJ personality types do not focus on emotions and social values ​​when making decisions.

evaluation: ENT doctors are planners and quick decision-makers. The ENT personality type likes predictability and often tries to imagine different outcomes so that they can plan and control situations.


ENT personality types are self-motivated and confident. They see the big picture and develop long-term strategies to achieve their goals. They know what they want and have an intuitive understanding of how to persuade large groups of people to follow their thinking. They are organized, authoritative, and excellent leaders because of their innate power to influence others. ENT patients are usually insensitive to the needs of others, impatient and intolerant. They are harsh judges of those who fail to meet their high standards and whom they see as inefficient or incompetent. This is where personalized advice can come into play. Although our personalities are usually fully developed in childhood, we can always change and improve something about ourselves with guidance.

ENT patients make up between one and three percent of the population, and fewer women than men have the ENT personality type.

ENT patients are efficient

The ENT personality type is extraordinarily efficient and organized in planning a long-term strategy for accomplishing a task. You set yourself realistic goals and achieve them successfully without exception. The ENT detests inefficiency and sees it as a waste of time and energy that delays and even sabotages the desired result.

ENT doctors are independent decision-makers

ENT personality types are strong-willed and not influenced by the opinions and ideas of others. ENT doctors see the world in a logical and straightforward manner and tend to discard emotional and social considerations when making a decision.

ENT patients are confident

ENT doctors are confident and open because they are extremely confident of their skills. They do not mind conflict and criticism, and they will try to impose their worldview on others, often with great success. Otolaryngologists really believe that they can achieve whatever they want, and they generally do. While ENTJ personality types are sociable, charismatic, and natural leaders, they can also intimidate others by being arrogant and insensitive.

ENT patients are powerful

ENT personality types like to be in positions of power. They enjoy getting to grips with situations they believe are out of control and setting them right by putting aside their own and others' personal needs until the task is completed.


ENT doctors are career-oriented

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No personality type loves their job more than ENT doctors and they often don't take time for other activities. If they have interests or hobbies outside of their careers, they typically hold leadership positions in community clubs or organizations. They may also tend to participate in competitive sports if it helps advance their careers.

ENT patients love a challenge

Whether at work or at a dinner party, the ENTJ personality type loves a challenge. An ENT personality type walks the world looking for problems to solve and truly believing that they have the best solutions. They respect people who have lively and challenging discussions with them, but their powerful personality sometimes prevents others from engaging with them.

ENT Patients and Career Opportunities

Any career that offers the ENT personality type a leadership role is a good option. Otolaryngologists are good politicians, judges, and entrepreneurs, but their strategic thinking skills and strong will makes them generally successful in any career they choose.

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ENT and relationships

The ENT personality type can be a challenging partner because they have high expectations for themselves, their partners, and their children. ENT doctors may dominate how they want to structure and organize their homes. They are likely to have strict rules and they will expect those rules to be followed. They are rational and consistent discipliners with their children, and their children are generally obedient. ENT personality types may not consider their partner's or children's feelings in disagreements, and they may not take the time to listen to family complaints as they tend to be impatient. ENT patients are job-oriented and may spend less time with their families than other personality types.

ENT strengths

ENT patients are efficient. The ENTJ personality type has a natural talent for recognizing and implementing the best use of time and resources to achieve a goal.

ENT doctors are extremely confident in their abilities and skills. ENT personality types trust themselves and don't hesitate to share their opinion. Most of all, they know that they have strong leadership skills and are indeed excellent leaders.

ENT doctors are strategic thinkers. The ENT personality type examines all aspects of a problem large or small and usually finds a permanent solution rather than a short-term solution.

ENT patients are strong-willed. ENT personality types do not give up; Not only do they overcome obstacles, they rise above them. It is rare that ENT doctors fail to achieve what they set out to do.

ENT patients see challenges instead of problems. The ENT personality type will tackle and resolve any issues that may be preventing them from achieving their goal. Where others feel exhausted and helpless in the face of a complex challenge, ENT patients are enthusiastic and full of energy.

ENT patients are charismatic. ENT personality types use charisma to inspire others to follow their example in order to achieve their ambitions.


ENTJ weaknesses

ENT patients can be overly dominant and persistent. Their utmost confidence in their abilities can prevent them from entertaining the ideas and opinions of others. The ENT personality type is competitive and they will try to win every argument and force through their vision without taking the time to look at the people around them. If they push their dominance and trust too far, they can be poor leaders and, in some exceptional cases, bullies.

ENT patients can be arrogant. Because ENT personality types are so often praised for their considerable talents in leadership, strategic thinking, and problem solving, they can become cocky and overbearing. ENT patients who receive praise tend to look down on those who may disagree. The arrogant ENT personality type can have difficulty maintaining good relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

ENT patients tend to be intolerant and impatient of people whom the ENT believes are inefficient or disagreed with. ENT patients will tell people exactly what they think of them, perhaps with little consideration or respect for their feelings or limitations. ENT personality types are quick thinkers, and they generally rule out those who don't keep up with them. Their disregard for those who see them as inferior can lead them to misinterpret or miss out on the valuable insights of those around them.

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ENT doctors struggle with emotional intelligence. ENT personality types see emotional expression as a weakness and rarely show emotions themselves.


ENT personality types are charismatic, naturally born leaders. They generally achieve whatever they set out to do because of their gifted ability to think strategically and their strong will to succeed and rise to any challenge that comes their way. ENT patients can also be reckless, impatient, and insensitive. If ENT practitioners do not strive to develop their skills as employees, they can seriously hinder their advancement to the leadership positions they so much want and enjoy.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this blog post was to examine this personality type largely in general. Not everyone with this subtype fits every strength and weakness. If you have any questions about your own personality or that of someone in your life it can be very helpful to speak to a professional counselor. The counselor can help you understand your personality type and use the strengths and opportunities to deal with the weaknesses or challenges you are facing. Contact us at BetterHelp to find a licensed advisor who can help you. BetterHelp is an online platform and you can get started anywhere you have an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer.