How are management courses in India

Top MBA at Indian Prices

Bangalore - "We can offer European executives a cosmopolitan mindset. India is politically and culturally very diverse, there is not one kind of thinking here - you need a lot more flexibility here to adapt business models quickly if you want to survive." Prakash G. Apte, Dean of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) knows why large European companies like British Aerospace send their managers to its campus for training: "Here they learn things that they never encounter in their straightforward corporate structure."

India is known for its excellent training of IT engineers and medical professionals; "Green cards" for Indian academics seemed not only to the US but also to Europe as a panacea for the lack of their own labor. Even less has gotten around so far that India also has world-class management training courses to offer; the IIMB is the only Asian MBA institute that has a permanent place in the top 100 ranking of the Wall Street Journal has achieved.

The core offering of the postgraduate institute with an extensive campus in Bangalore are two types of MBA training that produce around 400 graduates annually - a type of "mainstream" MBA and an MBA for software executives. The standard training lasts two years (there is a three-year, part-time version), and for Europeans the price is almost a bargain: $ 8,000 per year, including housing and supplies on campus, "not a five-star hotel, but almost Four-star, "says Apte.

But access is not just a question of money, but also of qualifications: Last year 150,000 applicants from all over the world tried their hand at the "Common Admissions Test", 1,200 were accepted for a wide variety of training courses (in addition to the MBA, there are also doctoral and Training for public administration), "the chance of being accepted is less than one in a hundred," says Apte. The investment - which is of course expensive by Indian standards - is worthwhile: "All of our graduates have a job within three days. The companies line up on recruiting days to hire our people."

The IIMB maintains a number of international partnerships, including recently with the Vienna University of Economics and Business, with which there is an exchange program both at student level and for professors. In addition to postgraduate studies, there are tailor-made management courses for international corporations and research work, such as for the International Monetary Fund. (Der Standard, print edition February 18/19, 2006)