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meaning of ludicrous in English

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The music is reputed to be very good, the miniatures are fanciful, with monsters and ludicrous bodies in many borders of the book.
Indeed, one could even consider the first to be ludicrousAs it revolves around a fight for hierarchical elevation.
Noting its `` sudden eminence, '' he attributed this to its '' ludicrous and cool replay of the forms of the hot media of photo, radio, and film.
It is thus high time the message that human reasoning is "ludicrous, "" indefensible, "and" self-defeating "be counterbalanced.
Jocularity seems to be in the ear of the listener, and what the 18th century found ludicrous was no laughing matter at the end of the 19th.
Since thesis 6 requires that this ludicrous position be embraced, none of us can reasonably view it as a live option - however much we might wish it were true.