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Corona pandemic: These are the current rules and incidences in Duisburg

UpdateDuisburg From Whit Monday, easing is conceivable in Duisburg if the seven-day incidence remains below the 100 mark by then. Initially, however, the rules of the federal emergency brake apply. An overview.

Currently (as of May 22, 8 p.m.) the seven-day incidence in Duisburg is 67.0. It has been below the 100 mark for the fifth day in a row since Friday. If this is the case for five working days in a row, the federal emergency brake will expire on the day after that. In Duisburg, this should be the case on Whit Monday if the numbers do not increase significantly. An overview of the currently applicable rules.

  • Exit restriction In Duisburg there is an exit restriction from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Individuals are allowed to jog and walk until midnight. After that, there must be good reasons to be allowed to leave the house. These include, for example, the way to work or medical emergencies.
  • Private contacts Only meetings of a household with a maximum of one other person are allowed.
  • Daily necessities retail / supermarkets The number of customers is limited depending on the size of the store, and a mask is required.
  • Other retail "Click & Meet" is currently possible in Duisburg. Shopping with an appointment is therefore allowed again. However, a negative test result is required for those who have not been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated
  • Sports Currently, only individual sports (e.g. jogging, cycling, golf) can be practiced outdoors, alone, in pairs or with members of the household. Children up to and including 13 years of age are allowed to do contactless sports outdoors in groups of no more than five people.
  • Culture Cultural institutions such as theaters, stages, museums and cinemas must be closed. The Duisburg Zoo is open. However, visitors must show a negative rapid test.
  • leisure Leisure facilities such as mini golf courses, swimming pools, arcades or fitness studios are closed.
  • gastronomy The operation of catering facilities is not permitted. Food and drinks may only be sold to take away.
  • accommodation Accommodation offers for tourist and private purposes are prohibited.
  • schools Alternating classes continue to take place. Students and teaching staff are still required to carry out two self-tests a week.
  • Day care Daycare centers and day care workers remain in restricted regular operations.
  • Body-hugging services Visits to the hairdresser or cosmetic company are permitted provided that strict hygiene measures are observed. A negative rapid test is required.