What are the best detective anime series

Real crime fans should know these animes

91 days

In "91 Days" the viewer immerses himself in the United States of the first half of the 20th century, a time when gangsters like Al Capone once experienced their heyday. The series is an entertaining, tense and sad thriller,

who doesn't know any classic heroes.

As a child, Angelo saw members of the Mafia kill his parents. He goes underground and returns to his homeland seven years later. Undetected, he infiltrates the criminal organization and does everything in his power to hold those responsible for the death of his parents accountable.

Detective Conan

For almost a quarter of a century, "Detective Conan" has accompanied large and small amateur detectives from all over the world. The anime is a cleverly thought-out guessing thriller in which the humorous elements are not neglected either. The clever high school detective Shinichi Kudo observes the machinations of two men in black, who then knock him down and poison him. Instead of dying, however, he wakes up again as a child and tries from then on as an elementary school student Conan Edogawa to discover the secret of the "black organization". Numerous criminal cases pave his way.

Psycho pass

"Psycho-Pass" is an impressive, sometimes brutal dystopia that raises the question of what people are willing to accept for seemingly absolute security. In the year 2122, the police were able to use a virtual ID card that everyone had to carry with them to scan a person's potential for violence at first glance and to arrest people preventively, send them to therapy or even kill them.

Akane Tsunemori has an ideal worth and starts working for the police as an inspector. Your unit employs people with a high potential for violence as so-called enforcers. Dealing with them makes them doubt the justice of the system.

Bungo Stray Dogs

"Bungo Stray Dogs" offers its viewers not only a versatile character drawing and a sudden change between comedy and tragedy, but also numerous allusions to literature and its authors. An office of "armed detectives" with psychic abilities investigates particularly serious criminal cases in Yokohama, in which mostly people with supernatural abilities are the perpetrators. The port mafia and an organization called "The Guild" stand in their way as unscrupulous opponents.


"Monster" is an extremely exciting and complex anime, which makes it clear that many things often appear differently than they appear at first sight. It is particularly interesting for German fans that the series is set to a large extent in Germany. The neurosurgeon Kenz┼Ź Tenma decides against the instructions of his superiors to operate on the wounded boy Johann rather than the sick mayor. Years later, when it turns out that the operated boy is actually a mass murderer with a split personality, Tenma is plagued by remorse and tries to chase Johann across Central Europe and kill him to correct his mistake.


29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma is always transported back in time when an accident happens around him so that he can prevent it. One day he finds his mother murdered and is identified by the police as the perpetrator

suspected. Thereupon he travels back to his elementary school days and comes across a serial offender who has been acting for many years and whose actions he subsequently tries to prevent. "Erased" addresses serious social issues such as child abuse and psychological violence. The anime convinces with sympathetic characters and a dramatic arc of suspense as well as a very unique concept of time travel.

Banana Fish

Shounen-Ai elements (i.e. romantic relationships between the main male characters) and the open treatment of the subject of child prostitution, interspersed in a hard crime plot, make the series "Banana Fish" stand out. The series "Banana Fish" is especially convincing due to its tension and dynamism without being difficult to understand.
The young and intelligent Ash Lynx leads a street gang in New York in the mid-1980s. When it comes to suicides and rampages, which are apparently caused by the drug "Banana Fish", he pricks up his ears because his brother has suffered a similar fate. Together with the journalist Junichi Ibe and his assistant Eiji Okumura, he tries to find out more about the drug.