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Do-it-yourself moonshine stills constructions. Do-it-yourself moonshine still

Sukhoparnik is capacity in which some of the harmful impurities settle during the distillation. Mash pairs that run through this device partially condense and move the cleaner further towards the refrigerator. Sukhoparnik is still an extremely important component of the moonshine that affects the quality of the final product and its taste. It is often confused with, although it is completely different in the design of the device.

The presence or absence of this device does not affect the need for double distillation. In any case, this process must be carried out at least twice, however The result with this sump is cleaner and better 100% of the time. For this reason, we recommend its use and in no case refuse it.

In the distillation cube, the mash begins to evaporate under the influence of temperature. Vapors still flow through a moonlight, vapors through a Sukhoparnik. Part of the steam condenses and settles in the tank. Usually these are harmful compounds that are undesirable in the distillate. The remaining pairs pass through the tubes to the refrigerator, where they cool down and drain as a finished product.

After the distillation, this container is removed and its contents discarded. This mixture smells and looks so terrible that the need for a swamp doesn't even increase.

Tasks that solder:

  1. Steam cleaning Mash from harmful impurities.
  2. Splash guard boiling mash, which worsens the taste of the distillate.
  3. Moonlight taste. You can put a bag of herbs or other delicious ingredients in the container. Saturated with this smell, moonshine has an identical aftertaste.

A two-tube jar is the same steam bowl.

A steamer is needed in a moonlight

There is an opinion that double distillation cleans the moonshine sufficiently for it to be drunk. And if the mash is distilled twice, why steam it with a steamer? The truth is there, but many forget the smell of this tank after distillation.

We believe there are opportunity to improve the quality of the final productthen she must use. Even if a little harmful elements leave moonshine, this can already be considered a success. After all, we are talking to you about our health, but here it may not be necessary.

After every distillation, the swamp stinks, so any doubts about it must quickly disappear.

If even part of this filth does not get into our distillate, this can already be considered a good result. And for this you can work hard and wash the nipple again for future distillation.

Does it make sense to have 2, 3 or more dry steamers?

The effectiveness is so low that it doesn't make any sense No. All moon cutters have clearly come to the conclusion that one device is completely sufficient for cleaning and that it makes no sense to make additional adjustments to the devices of the moonlight

The more sedimentation tanks there are, the lower it is. Eventually some of the alcohol will settle with the sivuha, and if there are 3 or 4 such containers, alcohol may not end up in the refrigerator at all.

One tank is more than enough. Multi-device distilleries are just one successful marketing move that many moon tailors don't yet know about.

Checking on devices with and containers for cleaning moonlight steam.

Three containers for collecting harmful contaminants at a distillery.

How to make a good handyman

We consider it a complete blasphemy to describe the manufacture of a steamer using a text instruction with photos. So it is best to watch the video. In addition, it was provided by a canal with one of the most skilled moon tailors in our country Antonovich and Alexey Podolyak.

The whole process doesn't take as long as it seems. The device is made from ordinary two liter cans, into which 2 adapters are screwed onto the pipes and the whole thing is sealed with heat-resistant silicone sealant.

Which steamer is better to choose (stainless steel or glass)

The most correct sukhoparnik - sealed. There is no fundamental difference where harmful contaminants settle in glass or stainless steel containers. The main thing is that all connections are securely closed and there is no loss anywhere.

  1. stainless steel easier to wash and impossible to break, so it is better to prefer it anyway. It will cost many times that, but it will serve you for many years without any problem.
  2. Glass it will fade over time, it will accumulate an unpleasant aroma, and in the end it will have to be replaced. Even good cleaning will not help you, glass does not save time.

stainless steel
Of glass

What aroma and taste you can put in a teat

If you put products with saturated or light taste into this device, moonshine will be saturated with this aroma and it will smell pleasant. In theory, you can bet anything you want. Choose your favorite flavor and experiment.

Ingredient options:

You can add grapes to imitate chachi.

  • Sliced ​​citrus fruits (except lemon).
  • Raisins.
  • Black currant leaves.
  • Slices of apples, pears, melons and other fruits.
  • Cinnamon sticks.
  • mint
  • Juniper.

Strong-smelling products should be poured on the floor with a height of no more than 1 cm (and juniper even less).

Fruits and berries can be added at most, but not more than 25% of the total Sukhoparnik.

The moonshine still has some important parts that it cannot function without, but there are also parts that are not included in the basic package. There's a fool among them. Therefore, those who are confronted with moonlight for the first time ask: Why do we still need a steamer in a moonlight and is it needed at all?

The principle of operation of the steamer

First of all, it should be noted that the device will work even without a steamer, and it is possible to drink such moonshine, but the use of this part is desirable. This design affects the quality of the final product as well as the taste of moonshine. The operating principle of the teat is simple and based on physical phenomena as well as the properties of the components of the mash.

The principle of operation of the module

Initially, the mash contains not only a large amount of ethyl alcohol, for which the process takes place, but also sivuhi, pollutants and unnecessary ballast. Fusel oils that evaporate during the distillation process end up in the end product and affect its taste and physical properties. It will be very easy to ingest such a substance. To reduce the number of fusel oils, moonshine must be distilled several times so that the substances evaporate. This process takes longer and brewing becomes tedious. In order to facilitate and reduce several distillation stages, the device of a steamer was therefore developed.

This part is located in the device between the distillation tank and the cooling coil. The Sukhoparnik is connected by pipes on both sides. This is a closed, sealed container that steam moves along. The principle of operation of the steamer is that all vapors are condensed in the device and then ethanol is boiled again, after which the condensation of high-boiling fractions takes precedence. As a result, fusel oils will settle on the walls of the device. For this you need a sukhoparnik.

When using this device, it is important to know that its effectiveness is comparable to double distillation without a suction cup through the device. And with it, time and labor costs are reduced. And the pulp does not fall into the finished moonlight. If the device has a suction cup, the inlet pipe must be installed mainly under the outlet pipe.

After the moonshine is made, a small amount of condensate is collected in the device, which has turned into a liquid. For example, for three liters of finished moonshine, there will be around 150 milliliters of Siwuha. It will have the appearance of ordinary water with the smell of black bread intensified several times. You cannot drink it, and poisoning with concentrated fusel oils can even lead to death.

Purpose of a steamer

A moonshine with a steamer has several advantages. Among them:

  • Purification of moonlight on a physical level. It is also useful because it does not use reagents that are harmful not only to taste, but also to human health.
  • The method is more effective than cleaning with soda, charcoal, or potassium permanganate. Chemical cleaning after such manipulations is not necessary. You can combine several methods.
  • The time it takes to prepare the drink is reduced.
  • Moonshine and porridge are not mixed when cooking.
  • Moonlight is stronger and safer to drink.
  • After preparation, you can not defend the drink.
  • The taste of moonshine is more saturated, there is no foreign smell and aftertaste after going through a sukhoparnik.
  • In this way the drink can be flavored. To do this, put a lemon or orange slice in the teat and add more fruits.
  • Sukhoparnik universal and easy to attach to moonlight stills.

With such a number of advantages, the installation of a Sukhoparnik seems mandatory. In addition, there are no great costs. It is easy to clean such a part. Breakdowns are rare. To further improve the quality of the moonlight, you can use a bubbler along with a steamer. These are different devices, but how appropriate it is to install them together depends on the person making the drink. There are such devices in which several steamers and bubblers are installed one after the other.

Making a steamer at home

How do you still make a steamer for a moonlight? This is a question of interest to beginners in moonshine. In fact, you can build this part using improvised resources at first. Then you need to evaluate how much the quality of the alcohol has improved. If there are doubts about the capabilities and design of the device, it is better to abandon this company and immediately buy a steam tank in the store.

Since the details are important in production and special attention is paid to the final tightness, without which the device will not work, the savings in this case are conditional and a waste of time.

Such a part can be made using a can. Such things are useful for a reflux condenser:

  • a can with a metal lid, a volume of 2-3 liters;
  • nipple with external thread (2 pieces);
  • two nuts;
  • heat-resistant adhesive for cold welding;
  • marker
  • awl.

The action algorithm is as follows:

  • It is necessary to draw the diameter of the holes in the places of attachment on the pipes of the moonlight, which are still on the lid of the can. Attach the fitting to the cover and circle it with a marker.
  • The holes in the lid are made with an awl along the lines drawn.
  • Install the fittings and secure them with the nuts. Holes inside and outside should be treated with glue for cold welding.
  • The Sukhoparnik is hermetically connected to a distillation cube and a refrigerator.

The design is reliable and it doesn't take much time to manufacture. To understand exactly how to drill holes and apply a sukhoparnik to the device, you can watch training videos on the Internet. So that the mash does not get into the moonlight, it is better to place the inlet pipe 10 centimeters lower than the outlet pipe.

A sukhoparnik for a moonlight still doesn't give anything to a reflux condenser. Factory models use stainless steel instead of glass, but such material is difficult to get at home. In addition, the glass is transparent and the condensation process is visible. The efficiency of a suction device largely depends on the degree of warming of the mash.

As the process temperature decreases, a greater amount of harmful oils settles on the bottom of the device. Experienced moonlight boilers can experiment with the dimensions of a steamer, as well as with the external cooling of the part. It should be noted that the moonlight yield will be less.

Of course, this part is an important part of the apparatus, but you can create moonlight even without it. Particular attention should be paid to the sucker by those who professionally brew moonshine. It is better to buy a device and make your choice carefully. And for beginners, you can get advice and build a construction with your own hands - the quality of the moonlight will only benefit from it.

Today, many people are engaged in homebrewing. For some it's a hobby, for others it's a way to make money, but everyone wants to get quality alcohol.

A good quality alcoholic drink should have a good taste, color and smell, and also contain a minimal amount of fusel oils that are in the raw materials. To achieve this quality, you need a steam cooker (reflux condenser). With this device you can minimize the amount of fusel oils in the brew.

This article will tell you why you need a steam tank in a moonlight and how to do it yourself.

Sukhoparnik still in the moonlight: what is it for?

The purpose of this device is the primary purification of moonshine from fusel oils. The amount of these in the end product is significantly reduced by condensation processes. In addition, due to the special design, the steamer can play the role of a kind of valve that does not allow intensely boiling Braga to get into the moonlight.

Well worth saying right away that the moonlight works well and without reflux condenser. That is, the latter is an optional element of the distillation apparatus. However, if a person wants to get a quality alcoholic drink, it is necessary to use a steamer.

You can still make this important part of the moonshine with your own hands, or you can purchase a ready-made still, along with a reflux condenser.

A moonlight with this device has the following advantages over a distillation device without it:

Please note that all of these benefits can only be achieved if the reflux condenser has been assembled correctly and is an ideal match for a particular distillation device.

How does a steamer work?

When the mash is heated in the distillation cube, intense evaporation of alcohol vapor occurs. Unfortunately, various acids and fusel oils with a higher boiling point evaporate from the raw material together with alcohol. Evaporated alcohol with various impurities leaves the distillation cube and enters a dry steam tank. In the latter, this mixture partially condenses.. At the same time, the alcohol continues towards the cooler, but acids and fusel oils cannot do this due to a lack of energy. They turn into a liquid that collects at the bottom of the steam tank.

As a result of this process, not only does the taste of the end product improve, but its harmfulness is also significantly reduced.

The more fusel oils there are in moonshine, the worse it smells. In addition, untreated moonshine leaves a certain aftertaste in the mouth. Of course, after distillation, you can try to remove impurities from the moonshine using chemical cleaning methods, but the quality of the product will still be inferior to that of using a still with a steamer.

Device design

Sukhoparnik arranged quite simply so that it is easy to do by yourself. There is no volume limit, but when assembling it is advisable to still take the power of the moonlight into account. The reflux condenser should be large enough so that it does not have to be cleaned during the distillation process.

A typical reflux condenser consists of the following parts:

  • A container in which a mixture of acids and essential oils accumulates.
  • Multiple pipes, fittings and seals.
  • Various connecting elements for quick assembly and disassembly of the device.

There are different types of reflux condensers, but none of them have any fundamental structural differences.

Drawings of the device of a moonlight, still equipped with a steamer, are easy to find on the Internet today.

How do you make a steamer out of a glass?

A glass jar is ideal for the simplest moonlight stills. To create it, you need to prepare the following details:

When all the required items are available, you can start manufacturing the device. This process consists of several steps:

Subject to the principles of manufacture, a homemade steamer will work properly, but it has one major drawback: fragility. You need to keep it very carefully.

Glass jar dephlegmator This only makes sense if you need to equip an existing device with it. If the nipple is assembled with the distillation device, it is best made of stainless steel.

Making stainless steel vacuums yourself can be a little trickier as you need to have metalworking skills. If there are such skills, then it will not be difficult to make a metal reflux condenser.

The main difficulty is creating a sealed metal case. However, this problem can be easily solved by using a metal thermos bottle as a base.

A properly arranged stainless steel reflux condenser will last much longer than a glass reflux condenser. In addition, he is not afraid of being beaten.

Does it make sense to produce several dry steamers at the same time?

Some moon cutters are sure that with the help of several dry steamers connected in series, you can get a perfectly clean product. They're even willing to put up with the fact that at least a quarter of the moonlight is lost with such use. But they are wrong. Perfectly pure product can only be obtained with a distillation column.

Sukhoparnik allows primary cleaning of the drink, but does not make it completely clean. An increase in the number of dry steam does not lead to a qualitative change in the purity of the product. Therefore, experienced moon tailors recommend For beginners, even if they are using a reflux condenser, distill again.


You can also get a quality alcoholic drink at home with the help of a primitive still, if you attach a teat to it. It is within the power of each person to make it. All the necessary components are not uncommon and are sold in every hardware store.

Attention, only TODAY!

Collapsible Sucker has recently become a popular product in online stores. The fact is that this device can significantly improve the quality of home-made alcoholic beverages for self-consumption. With a collapsible steamer, you can prepare raw materials at home and prepare more noble drinks than just moonlight.


In principle, a steamer is not a mandatory part of the distillation apparatus, and it does not significantly affect the distillation of alcohol, but its presence in it has a significant impact on the quality of the final product. The reason for this condition is the physical and chemical processes that take place in Braga during the distillation to alcohol.

The device collapsible sukhoparnik

The fact is that the mash, which is the original raw material for the distillation of moonshine, contains not only ethyl alcohol, but also substances that are absolutely unnecessary for the manufacture of the drink and are called fusel oils. Despite the fact that they have a temperature higher than 78 ° C, which is the same as the boiling point of ethyl alcohol, they quite actively penetrate the moonshine. As a result, its taste and physical properties deteriorate significantly.

In order to reduce the content of these oils in the end product as much as possible, moonshine is distilled several times. It takes a lot of time, fuel, or electricity. But the result is not guaranteed, since nowhere near all kinds of harmful impurities can be extracted from raw materials containing alcohol at home.

Sukhoparnik can significantly reduce the time it takes to clean the moonshine and make the final product cleaner. This uses significantly less energy than using a moonlight that is not yet equipped with this device.


From a technical point of view, a suction cup is a sealed container that sits in a moonlight between the cooling coil and the distillation tank.

It is connected to other structural elements of the distillation device via steam lines, which usually consist of thin metal pipes.

The condensation process of the steam mixture formed in the distillation cube takes place in the dry steam chamber. In this case, due to the constant supply of thermal energy with a renewed mixture of steam, repeated boiling of ethyl alcohol occurs. Heavy fractions are usually deposited in the device described. The result is their condensation and deposition on the bottom of the device.

Moonlight with a steamer

The entire working diagram of a vacuum cleaner can be represented in the following 3 points:

  1. The alcohol-containing vapor comes from the still.
  2. The steam is separated and sent into the coil without harmful inclusions.
  3. Condensation forms from fusel oils or high-boiling components that fail in the device.

With a dry steam cooker in the distillation of alcohol, an effect can be achieved that is comparable to the effect of double distillation, while all labor and time costs are reduced by about two times. In addition, it does not let the pulp get into the finished moonlight if it can splash out of the tank. In this case, it acts as a kind of filter that prevents the mash and the finished drink from mixing.

To achieve this effect, it is necessary to place the reflux condenser (the scientific name of the nipple) so that the pipe entering it is lowered 5-10 mm below the outlet pipe through which the expelled vapor comes out. It can dissipate heat well. To fine tune, you need to use containers of different volumes or a household fan.

Since the nipple collects various harmful inclusions contained in the alcohol-containing mixture, at the end of the distillation process of moonshine, a liquid is formed in it, in which fusel oils are concentrated. About 3 ml of moonshine can collect about 150 ml of waste. They have a very unpleasant odor and must therefore be removed from the device immediately. If they got into the finished drink, they would ruin its quality very much.


There are several types of household reflux coolers today. The first of these is a classic steam tank. Usually this is any improvised container that can be hermetically sealed. In rural areas, banks with close-fitting lids are often used for this.

Household steamer

The second type of reflux condenser is a vertical burner suction cup. This type of device described differs significantly from the classic version. The fact is that during rectification (a vertical column is usually installed for this purpose), alcohol-containing vapors are separated exclusively due to the height of the column of equipment with the head and tail. In this case, pure alcohol is collected at the outlet.

When the distillation process is taking place, there is no job of obtaining pure alcohol. So it makes sense to use a vertical steam tank. In contrast to the classic design, you can keep the natural taste of moonlight and very effectively protect the apparatus from possible splashes of raw materials. At the same time, high burners with a large diameter and a large cooling area do not require a dry steam tank.

The third version of this device is a collapsible sukhoparnik. It is good in that it can be easily removed from the moonshine if necessary. In addition, it is easier and better to remove the remains of waste distillation processes. A moonlight that is still equipped with a collapsible dry steamer not only enables clean, high-quality moonlight to be produced, but also has a high degree of mobility, which enables it to be dismantled and reassembled in just a few minutes if necessary.

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In Russia, brewing at home has not lost its relevance to this day. In particular, the demand for this process began to increase in connection with more expensive alcoholic beverages. Because of this, many residents of the country became interested in earlier handicrafts. In addition, purchased vodka does not eliminate the possible risk of low-quality alcohol poisoning. Homemade moonshine consists exclusively of natural ingredients that are free from harmful impurities.

What's a steamer in a moonlight?

The standard device does not have additional equipment, so many beginners wonder how to make a nipple with their own hands and what it is. If necessary, you can buy it from sellers of specialized outlets. This construction is located between the refrigerator and the cube and is often called a reflux condenser (prikubnik). The device is used by people who want to get tasty alcohol without harmful additives in their home environment.

What is needed for

Before buying a moonshine with a collapsible dry steamer, find out why it is needed and how to use it. The device was borrowed from a steam locomotive: during an increase in the power required for lifting, the device detects the water formed by steam condensation. In a moonlight device, the steamer serves the same purpose: the device condenses a pair of harmful components that tend to settle to the bottom of the tank. A sukhoparnik in a moonlight brewing device is required for the following purposes:

  • During distillation, the design makes it easy to thoroughly clean household alcohol during distillation. In the presence of a dry steam tank, the entire mixture of ethyl alcohol and many other pollutants enters the tank, after which it cools down a little and is divided into fractions. Liquid vapors settle on the walls like condensate, and traced alcohol vapors get to the coil. This treatment particularly reduces the concentration of fusel oils.
  • The location of the device becomes a kind of barrier between the coil and the still cube. With a strong mash cook, the kakubnik begins to absorb excessive splashes of liquid and foam so it doesn't get into the moonlight maker. If there is no such obstacle, the appearance and taste of the product may deteriorate.
  • If a reflux condenser is used in the production of moonshine, the quality and strength of homemade alcohol increases significantly.
  • If you add substances for aromatization into the cavity of the device, then at the outlet the drink will acquire a taste of taste and a pleasant smell.


If you still want to order a moonshine with a steamer or make it yourself, read the drawing carefully with the device for the mouthpiece. The collapsible reflux condenser (if it cannot be disassembled, the device is disposable) is a sealed container with a volume of 0.5 liters or more and two metal pipes in the middle. The longer one is connected to the distillation cube and the short one to the coil (serpentine refrigerator).

If an ordinary jar is used as a steamer, then you need to choose a suitable lid, screwed or secured with a screw. Otherwise the device is not suitable for repeated use. After the distillation of moonshine, it is necessary to wash the prikubnik. Both tubes should be cleaned with citric acid solution as they will get dirty. To do this, about half a liter of boiling water is dissolved in acidic powder.

Working principle

Sukhoparnik has a significant impact on the quality of the end product. When the mash is boiled, the liquid evaporates quickly. During this process, all of the fractions contained in the feed change into a gaseous state. At 78 ° C, ethanol turns into steam, and when the heating temperature reaches 100 ° C, the substance quickly moves to the exit under the pressure of new portions. In detail, the working principle of a steamship of a moonlight still looks like this:

  • first the pairs of brews enter the structure, part of which condenses, after which they settle at the bottom in the form of a liquid.
  • given the fact that ethyl alcohol vapors are lighter, they rise and already condense in the coil - then, via moonshine, they flow into a previously prepared container;
  • due to the fact that the mash begins to boil violently, splashes appear, which are delayed by the mouthpiece and protect the final product from an unpleasant smell and cloudy appearance.

The temperature display in the reflux condenser should be lower than in the tank in which the mash is to be heated. If this condition is not met, the impurity will not condense. A directed air flow from the fan is considered ideal cooling. If this is not the case, you can limit yourself to cooling down at room temperature. When distilling around 10 liters of moonshine, up to 0.5 liters of harmful components can accumulate at the bottom of the can. If we use the terminology of the moon cutters, the teat collects the "tails" of homemade alcohol.

The performance of a Sukhoparnik depends heavily on the temperature of the mash. The lower this indicator, the more fusel oils settle in the prikubnik, but the volume of the finished moonlight performance will be a little less. Good products usually stay around four times less than the mash originally made. The device is offered in different quantities in specialist shops, the selection of which is not restricted. It's important to consider the ratio of moonshine to average productivity.

The advantages of a steam tank

A moonshine that still has a sucker has several advantages over a similar system without a jig, making this type of device increasingly popular. The main advantages of this feature:

  • Using a steamer in a moonshine is still an opportunity to save the time it takes to retool and clean a product. Without this device, double distillation must be used to improve the quality of the moonlight. With a reflux condenser, this process can be carried out in one cycle.
  • During the work of the prikubnik, additional cleaning of alcoholic products is carried out, which increases its quality. Physical cleaning of alcohol in a dry steam tank is more effective than dry cleaning if different reagents are used, for example, activated carbon, soda.
  • The boiling gruel during the installation of the bait does not fall into the finished product.
  • The device is easy to use and does not complicate the design of the moonlight.

How to make a steamer for a moonlight yourself

Many lovers of the preparation of alcohol at home are interested in learning how to make a moonlight with their own hands using a suction cup. The design of the device can vary slightly, but for beginners who have no experience in preparing alcoholic beverages, it is better to use full standard equipment. In the professional system used at home, the lamp is made of stainless steel. Fans of experimentation can use a glass to build a kind of settler.

From a glass

If you are in doubt about your design skills, it is better to buy a quality kit for your moonshine first. You don't have to worry about sealing and finding parts to collect one or the other part of the device. If you want to try yourself, prepare the following items and tools:

  • a three-liter jar with a rotating metal lid;
  • rubber pads or adhesive sealant with good heat resistance;
  • a pair of fittings with external threads;
  • a couple of nuts;
  • drill, drill suitable size.

Regardless, it is even more economical to make a reflux condenser for a moonshine than to purchase a finished version. Creating a design isn't complicated. Just follow the procedure below:

  1. Try on both connectors on the cover, then mark the places where you want to drill holes.
  2. Drill holes in the cover with a drill bit.
  3. Attach the connectors to the cover and carefully secure them with nuts. Be sure to maintain the seal with silicone or heat-resistant glue.
  4. Connect a pipe that comes from the standing cube to one hole and a pipe from the refrigerator to the second.
  5. In the final step, carefully check the sealing of all connections. If everything is okay, tighten the jar.

stainless steel

The making of a homemade intermediate burner that is used to separate and condense heavier steam, i.e. a steamer, possibly with a stainless steel can. This removable unit plays an important role in the preparation of homemade alcohol. Therefore, consider all the nuances. The scheme (you can see in the photo) of making a product from stainless steel is simple, but making such a steam dome at home is more difficult than the analog of a jar with a metal lid. The main actions are as follows:

  • A piston and a thermos box made of stainless steel are well suited for making a steamship of a moonshine device.
  • For additional convenience of use, you need to attach a drain pipe by soldering or welding.
  • Make sure the resulting device is securely in place. A long-life thermos-thermocouple does not have the disadvantages that breakable glass products do.

Even if you don't have time to make a lure maker yourself, you shouldn't be too lazy to upgrade your moonshine machine with such a simple piece of equipment. You will get rid of unnecessary problems and feel the improvement in the quality of a strong homemade drink. The steamer on the models of the moonshine unit is made of stainless steel.


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