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Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault, born in Poitiers in 1926, became a professor in Clermont-Ferrand and Vincennes after studying philosophy and psychology. In 1970 he received the chair in the history of systems of thought at the College de France. Influenced by Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger, Foucault examined the power structures and control systems of Western society. His critique of modern discourse was groundbreaking. His most important works include "Madness and Society", "Surveillance and Punishment", "The Order of Things" and the trilogy "Sexuality and Truth." Michel Foucault died in Paris in 1984.
24 books

Michel Foucault: The Great Stranger. To madness and literature

Diaphanes Verlag, 2014
ISBN 9783037347072, hardcover, 208 pages, 24.95 EUR
From the French by Arne Klawitter and Jonas Hock. In the texts presented here for the first time, Foucault negotiates the relationships between the language of madness, literature and what he calls its ...

Michel Foucault: Critique of Government. Writings on Politics.

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2010
ISBN 9783518295335, hardcover, 252 pages, 19.90 EUR
Selected and with an afterword by Ulrich Bröckling. Michel Foucault does not describe politics as a separate area of ​​reality, but as a balance of power. For him, politics is first of all ...

Michel Foucault: Introduction to Kant's Anthropology

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2010
ISBN 9783518585474, hardcover, 141 pages, 17.80 EUR
When Gilles Deleuze remarked in the eighties that Foucault was ultimately a "Kantian", it still seemed like a deliberately forced exaggeration that shed light on a side of the author that had been neglected ...

Michel Foucault: Aesthetics of Existence. Writings on the art of living

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2007
ISBN 9783518294147, paperback, 346 pages, 13.00 EUR
Edited by Daniel Defert and Francois Ewald. In the last phase of his work, Michel Foucault dedicated himself with passion and meticulousness to the study of ancient texts and the classical models ...

Michel Foucault: The Truth and the Legal Forms

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2003
ISBN 9783518292457, paperback, 187 pages, 9.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Michael Bischoff. In 1973 Michel Foucault gave three lectures at the Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro in which he expressed his idea of ​​a new, a different ...

Michel Foucault: Short Cuts 3

Zweiausendeins Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2001
ISBN 9783861503866, paperback, 184 pages, 8.18 EUR
Edited by P. Gente, H. Paris and M. Einmann. From the French by 'W. Seitter, U. Raulff et al. "The most important thing in life and in work is to become something that you weren't in the beginning." ...

Michel Foucault: The Life of the Infamous

Merve Verlag, Berlin 2001
ISBN 9783883961651, hardcover, 80 pages, 7.67 EUR
Edited, translated and with an afterword by Walter Seitter. When Michel Foucault published the small text "The Lives of the Infamous" in 1977, he came up with a job ...
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