What are some fun playground games

We played these 12 games on the playground back then!

While a playground nowadays is more of a meeting place for questionable characters at night or young mothers at normal working hours, we actually came up with the great idea of ​​playing there in the 80s. Today's children may wonder what you could do there (besides smoking weed behind the bush), but there were times when the playground was the “place to be”.

In the playground we could run, romp and play our very special, mostly self-made games. Some kid always had an idea, and so we played until the sun went down (and since there were no helicopter parents and smartphones back then, that wasn't a problem). This is what the 80s looked like to us - here are 12 games that really rocked the playground back then!

# 1 "Kerby"

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No apps or other odds and ends were required for this simple street game. All you needed was a ball and a friend. The players had to stand on opposite sides of the street, and luckily there was a lot less traffic back then. You threw the ball on the opponent's curb in the hope that it would bounce back and be caught again.

# 2 "You are!"

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This game was also a hit on the playground. We all just ran around trying to catch each other by tapping our victim and shouting "you are!" Real fun!

# 3 roller skating

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To the children of today - those were the ancestors of the "super-nice" inline skates that you never use anyway.

# 4 The "kiss" game

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Would this game still be allowed in times of #metoo? The boys ran after the girls and tried to kiss them (on the cheek, of course!) If you weren't that popular, you definitely stayed drool-free.

# 5 throwing a penny

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This game was also a hit on the playground - for whatever reason. You looked for a mark on the floor and then just threw pennies on a wall - the player whose rebound penny was closest to the mark had won.

# 6 the "bulldog"

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The bulldogs stood in the middle of the field and the other players stood outside the field. The players now had to run from one side of the field or playground to the other without being caught by a mastiff. If caught, they became bulldogs too.

# 7 the "mud game"

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Most children have played this before. A player has to tap other players who are then "stuck in the mud" and immobile. The player must stand still until another player frees them by crawling under their legs. However, if you touched her legs while crawling through, you would get stuck in the mud!

# 8 rubber twist

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Also a very popular game on the playground. Two players held the elastic between their ankles so that it was tight enough for the other player to jump over. In addition there was singing or funny rhymes were recited.

# 9 Wall soccer ball

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Didn't you have any friends who wanted to play football with you? Wall soccer always worked!

# 10 jumping rope

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Whether alone, too far or with several players - jumping rope was always fun. No wonder we were able to eat kilos of colorful bags without getting fat.

# 11 Hide and seek

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That was Hide and Seek 2.0 - you had to hide and then go back to where you started without being seen. The starting point was, for example, a tree ...

# 12 The "crocodile" game

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This is a great game where one player is the crocodile and everyone else is on the other side of the playground. Then they sing: “Please, dear crocodile, may we cross your river? If not, why not? What is your favorite color? ”The crocodile then chooses a color and anyone who wears that color in any form must try to get past the crocodile.

Were you a kid in the 80s? What were your favorite games in the playground? Tell us in the comments!

And when it was too cold outside ... there was always the Game Boy