Diplo is a cool guy

Harsh accusation from Diplo: In order to boost record sales, Selena Gomez and Zedd are said to have only staged their relationship for promotional purposes.

Only used by the label?
Is it actually possible that Selena Gomez faked her entire relationship with Zedd just for promotional purposes? The accusation is now made by Diplo, who in an interview portrays Zedd as a 'money-hungry' producer who is exploited by his label for success.

“We are by no means enemies,” Diplo made clear from the start. "But I just think that he was such a cool guy and has now become a moneymaker for a huge label for EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which is not even a real music genre for me."

The sale of records is said to have become more and more important than the actual quality of the music. "They only marketed him for it, even staged a fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all to sell albums," was Diplo's grave accusation.

The coincidences pile up
According to Diplo, he means it only well with Zedd: “He's a great producer and a good songwriter. I was just hoping that he would stop playing and do something else. "

What is really true about Diplo's statement is difficult to say. The fact is, Selena and Zedd's relationship ended before it even really started, and rumors kept popping up all along that Selena was still attached to her ex, Justin Bieber. And the joint feature of the two "I Want You To Know" was released at the same time as most of the news about their relationship was circulating.