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"What has 3 letters, sometimes 8 letters, but never 7 letters": This puzzle makes many people on the Internet despair - but the solution is so simple!

Munich - Tricky puzzles are much older than the Internet. But they often spread in no time on the web. And sometimes people around the globe first despair - and then burst into cheers when they have found the solution.

That’s how it was years ago with a number puzzle that the users of tz.de* drove you crazy - in the end a math lecturer had to work to write down the possible solutions on the blackboard.

But now we want to show you a completely different puzzle. One that, in English, painted on a sign or typed on Reddit, has left many online users in despair over the past few months and years.

In order to avoid the small language barrier, we have created the German version for you:

What has 3 letters,

sometimes 8 letters,

but never 7 letters

Now of course we could tell you the result of the riddle right away. But we still have to put you under suspicion a little - otherwise it would be too easy. Therefore, you will now find a complete paragraph with rather empty text, which is simply supposed to separate the puzzle from the solution. Have you thought about it well? Did you find out the result? Or would you prefer to think about it a little longer? Decide for yourself when to read the next paragraph.

Resolution: The resolution is very simple. Most people make the mistake of reading the whole thing out as a question. It is not at all. And there is no question mark at the end either. Well, does the doorbell ring? You should understand the sentence as a statement, a statement. And if the knot has still not broken: The word “what” has three letters, the word “sometimes” eight letters, the word “never” seven letters. We said it was easy.

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