Why did Obama support Hillary Clinton?

Obama supports Clinton"She has the courage and the heart"

Obama's approach was significant: first he spoke to Bernie Sanders for a full hour - soul massage. Then he called on the Democrats to support Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign, not the White House, posted a video of the president. Hillary Clinton is more qualified for the presidency than anyone else:

"She has the courage, the empathy and the heart for it. And I say this as someone who has stood against her in over 20 debates. Despite our tough competition at the time, she decided to serve her country as foreign minister."

Hillary Clinton has the judgment and perseverance for president. She is also driven by giving every American fair opportunities in life.

"I want to let those of you who have supported me from the start know that I stand by Hillary Clinton's side and look forward to campaigning for you."

Before the video was published, Barack Obama had received Bernie Sanders - handling Sanders carefully is the key to merging the two democratic election campaigns.

Sanders: "Work hard to prevent Trump from becoming president"

After receiving Obama's reception in the White House, Sanders avoided expressly backing Clinton, whom he can no longer catch up in the remaining primary elections. He's continuing his campaign, Sanders said after the soul massage at the White House. But it sounded for the first time that Sanders had recognized the signs of the times:

"I will work as hard as I can to ensure that Donald Trump does not become President of the United States. So I look forward to meeting Hillary Clinton to discuss how we can get a state that is there for all of us not just for the one percent. "

A note to his supporters that the Sanders campaign goals are better served by teaming up. For weeks, Sanders had lulled his fans into the illusion that the race was still to be won. Many of them bring the necessary euphoria with them, but many are also hostile to Hillary Clinton and must now be carefully picked up in order to integrate them into the Clinton campaign.

Obama wants to preserve his legacy

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid said after meeting Sanders that he thought Sanders had accepted the fact that Clinton would become Democratic candidate for the presidency.

For Barack Obama, supporting Clinton is not just an inclination but a necessity. He wants to preserve his legacy, first and foremost his health care reform - White House spokesman Josh Earnest said:

"You heard Bernie Sanders say how important it is for President Obama to be replaced by someone who shares his values."

Donald Trump commented on the news on Twitter: Nobody wants a Clinton presidency. Hillary Clinton tweeted back: "Delete your Twitter account".