What things are made by God

For the followers of many religions, God is the creator of the universe.

The Big Bang, the formation of planets and the development of plants, animals and humans - natural scientists can explain almost everything very well. But who came up with the plan for the gigantic universe? Or did we just happen by chance? Never in life, say all religions.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Baha'i, Alevis and followers of other religions believe that we are an idea of ​​the only God. He created the world, gave life to plants, animals and people and wants everyone to be well. Therefore, the Lord God not only rules the world like a good King, but also cares for it lovingly. Many people thank him for this. In their prayers they also ask him to give them enough strength to carry out his mission. Because it's not that easy at all. People should not only respect creation, but also always get along well, help each other and make the best of everything.

Hindus and Buddhists imagine that the earth was created from a huge chaos of all matter. They have always floated around in space. And from them new things develop again and again, because in every tiny particle there is an unimaginable creative energy. Hindus call this special power the world soul - or Brahman, Ishvara, Lord of the world, the divine principle or God.

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