Why do constellations appear

The summer constellations

Star friends find in the summer not a good companion as the nights are extremely short. The phases in which you can observe the night sky with its many stars are correspondingly short. It is advantageous that you are usually on vacation during the high summer phase and can adjust your bedtime to the nighttime starry sky to be able to marvel at.

Looking at the night sky is particularly recommended when you are traveling abroad. According to the changed perspective you can find the Stars again in completely different constellations. Stays in rural areas are ideal for a particularly clear view of the starry sky. In such areas the night appears much darker, which is why you can see the stars much better and more numerous.

During the summer months you can see it very clearly when you look at the night sky Summer constellationsthat present themselves in all their glory. Depending on which area you are in, you can also do the Milky Way recognize, which expands as a radiant band in the night sky.

How to find typical summer constellations

When you sit in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony on a mild summer evening, you can first experience and enjoy how the veil of night gradually spreads across the sky. As dusk progresses and night takes over from day, you can make out the first stars when you look up into the sky: Deneb, Wega and Altair. On particularly clear nights, planets can also be seen with the naked eye. The stars Deneb in the constellation Swan, Wega in the lyre and the Altair in the constellation eagle form the so-called Summer triangle.

At midnight, when darkness has reached its maximum, the stars present themselves in their full glory. Then you can see the constellations and try to interpret them. The Milky Way can also be seen as a bright band. As the constellations of spring gradually fade, the summer constellations come to the fore.

Summer constellation tour

On ours Summer constellation tour we will show you the most important Constellations of the summer sky. Click through the winter constellations and discover summer on the sky stage!

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