Are you in greece

What type of Greece traveler are you?

A dream on the Mediterranean. The summer vacation is imminent and the question of where to go comes up again. Deciding on the perfect travel destination can sometimes turn out to be nerve-wracking. That's why we're helping you in the TUI fly blog to make your dream vacation come true: in Greece! The country on the Mediterranean does not only make holidaymakers' hearts beat faster because of its extensive hours of sunshine, but also inspires the warmth of the Greeks, the hearty cuisine and the varied landscape. Whether it's a city trip, beach, diving or hiking vacation, find out now which Greece vacation suits you!

The sand of Elafonissi Beach, which got its color from millions of broken shells, glows pink in many places. Also perfect for children: a natural, shallow lagoon offers a protected area for splashing around!

Sunbather - you want a relaxing beach vacation?

Then Greece is your travel destination. The many islands in the Mediterranean have spectacular beaches where you can relax, enjoy the sun, splash in the cool sea and lick a sweet ice cream - how wonderful!

Those who love the pristine nature should visit the indescribably beautiful Anthony Quinn Bay on the east coast of Rhodes. The crystal clear water is framed by a rocky, pristine bay and definitely awakens the spirit of discovery in you.

If you are on vacation in Crete, visit Elafonissi Beach. On the spacious beach you can enjoy long walks on the beach and the sand is not only bright white, but even pink due to sediment deposits. Another highlight are the beautiful sand dunes that run down to the water. In addition, there are wonderful conditions for windsurfers and kite surfers. So get into the waves!

Hippocrates and Augustus already knew about the healing effects of the sulfur springs and since the restoration was completed in 2012, the Kalithea thermal baths have shone in new splendor

Wellness connoisseur - would you like to relax in a healing thermal bath?

Close to the city of Rhodes, the wonderful Kalithea Therme awaits you, which was visited by Hippocrates and Emperor Augustus in ancient times because of its health-promoting sulphurous water. An extensive bath in it is said to work wonders against many diseases. At least as healing as the thermal water is the tranquility that you can enjoy here. The Kalithea Therme is a wellness oasis where you can let your mind wander.

Located right by the sea, you can watch the quiet glitter of the ocean during the bathing breaks, stroll through the lovingly landscaped avenue of roses or try the delicious delicacies in the beach bar. If you love the underwater world, then you should also take your snorkeling equipment with you and go exploring in the shallow coastal waters.

Silent observer - would you like to experience Rhodes town from a secret vantage point?

We recommend the lounge café on the roof of the Pension Minos in the old town of Rhodes. After an exciting tour of the many sights, a real insider tip awaits you here: few tourists, a cozy terrace with a stunning view over the city, delicious coffee and fruity ice cream. So high up you can escape the hustle and bustle of the ancient city for a moment and discover its charm from a new perspective.

Wild hikers - you want to hike through untouched nature?

If so, walking the Corfu Trail could be your perfect vacation! The hiking trail meanders over the entire island for over 220 kilometers. You walk through almost exclusively small villages, picturesque bays with steep cliffs, olive groves and constantly changing landscape panoramas. The tourist regions are bypassed, so you can soak up nature in all its splendor. Due to the very good signposting, the Corfu Trail is also suitable for spontaneous vacationers. If you are looking for a suitable flight to Corfu, have a look at TUI fly.

The Corfu Trail is a hiking trail away from mass tourism and covers about 220 kilometers, from the white cliffs at Arkoudillas in the south of Corfu to Cape Agia Ekaterini in the far north.

Passionate diver - do you love the underwater world?

In numerous coastal waters of the Greek islands you can experience the dreamy world that the Mediterranean hides underwater. Snorkelers and diving holidaymakers are therefore in perfect hands in Greece.

The reefs, caves and countless fish that you can discover around Corfu are particularly impressive. For example, explore the offshore rock island of Bobby Fels in the west, which is known for its abundance of marine life.

Around Crete, too, a rugged landscape unfolds in the sea, which especially comes to life at night. Along the entire coast you share the sea with rays, turtles, starfish, huge schools of fish and colorful corals. Incidentally, beginners can learn to dive in the many diving schools on Crete and Corfu.

Architecture admirers - are you fascinated by modern masterpieces and magnificent historical buildings?

Then you should fly to the Peloponnese with TUI fly and visit the port city of Patras. Here, beautiful, traditional buildings meet modern, simple design, which has earned Patras, among other things, the title of European Capital of Culture. An impressive neo-Byzantine highlight, for example, is the Agios Andreas, a monumental church with magnificent decorations near the port. Old neoclassical buildings, elaborate frescoes and ornate columns can be found throughout the city and the attentive, architecture-loving eye will discover the Hellenic and Roman remains of bygone days in between.

The Rio-Andirrio Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world and a masterpiece of today's architecture and technology, represents the dawn of modernity. The mighty, almost three kilometer long bridge spans the strait of Rio-Andirrio and is one of the top attractions in Patras.

Olympia, located in the northwest of the Peloponnese, was the sanctuary of Zeus and the venue for the ancient Olympic Games.

Athletic archaeologist - do you love Olympia?

Then visit the birthplace of the world's most important sporting event and immerse yourself in ancient Olympia on the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese. Around 776 BC The first Olympic Games took place here. Today the once holy, sporty cult site rises in the form of impressive, green ruins. You can wander through the remains of the huge Zeus and Hera temples and walk along the stadium, which was restored after the excavations. The associated archaeological museum is also fascinating, showing elaborate statues and reconstructed replicas of old Olympias and providing a comprehensive, exciting insight into the history of this important place.

Casual moped driver - do you like exploring an island by moped?

Kos seems to be just the thing for you! The Greek island in the eastern Aegean is ideal for small tours and relaxed moped tours over several days. Fly cheaply to Kos with TUI fly and rent a moped directly at the airport or in Kos town. If you want, you can, for example, take a tour with Kos Town as your start and end point. You can explore the entire island over 110 kilometers. Be sure to visit the wild and romantic castle ruins in front of and the old windmill in the village of Antimachia. Get to know the warm residents of the original island village of Kefalos in the west and marvel at the beautiful basilica of Agios Stefanos. Stroll through the tranquil Pyli, marvel at handicrafts and rest in one of the numerous, cozy taverns. During swimming breaks you can enjoy the clear ocean, for example Paradise Beach is particularly beautiful.

No matter where you go on Kos, with the moped you can freely and spontaneously discover the island and have the chance to experience remote places. Try to leave early because the streets are not that full by then. Plus, a quiet morning in the mountains with a mug of coffee and freshly picked grapes and figs to snack on is of rare beauty!

Greece's vacation variety is like an inexhaustible potpourri. The country with its numerous islands in the Mediterranean is definitely not just one trip, it's worth several! Whether Kos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, the Peloponnese or the big cities, hopefully you too have found your dream trip in Greece in the TUI fly blog. Summer vacation is waiting for you, enjoy it!