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Foreign health insurance despite travel warning due to corona pandemic

Foreign health insurance with insurance cover despite Corona travel warning:

If you have not yet started your trip and are still looking for inexpensive foreign health insurance that is valid despite the travel warning and offers insurance cover even if you are sick from Corona, we recommend these international health insurance with Corona insurance cover worldwide:

International health insurance worldwide for short trips

International health insurance excluding the USA and Canada for long trips up to 5 years

International health insurance with the USA and Canada for long trips up to 5 years

International health insurance for travel worldwide up to 2 years

These international health insurances are not restricted by Corona travel warnings. In addition to an insurance policy that is valid despite the Corona travel warning, we will also provide you with an explicit confirmation in German and English of the valid insurance cover also for treatments in the event of illness from Corona - for example with a minimum coverage of USD 100,000 for entry into Thailand or for entry into Costa Rica, but also for all other trips.

Request corona confirmation for international health insurance

Insurance coverage in the event of corona:

  • These foreign health insurances also offer you insurance cover for treatments due to a corona illness abroad.
  • The insurance cover extends to the benefits set out in the insurance conditions for outpatient or inpatient treatment by a doctor or in a hospital. Corona is therefore a disease like any other for the existing international health insurance.
  • If you fall ill with Corona during the trip, we ask you to contact the insurer's emergency service immediately to coordinate the next steps.
  • The insurance does not cover measures that are not the subject of necessary medical treatment ordered by the doctor - in particular, measures and costs for accommodation or the delayed onward or return journey due to a voluntary or officially ordered quarantine due to suspected corona are not insured. These are not curative treatments. However, you can insure quarantine costs by taking out Corona travel cover.
  • However, the insured is the medically ordered inpatient treatment in the hospital in the event of a corona disease.