Whatever happened to Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford: Yikes, what does she look like?

Well, what's the matter with Cindy Crawford? Or rather: with her face? On Tuesday, the former supermodel showed up with her husband Rande Gerber at a Los Angeles Lakers game - and her sight should have amazed many viewers. Because the 45-year-old is undoubtedly still beautiful, but her face has recently started to look strangely artificial and mask-like. What was Crawford doing to her face?

Unnaturally full lips, a flawlessly smooth forehead and plump, round apple cheeks - none of this looked natural. Cindy Crawford has never hidden that she resorts to resources to keep her good looks. "In order to restore the elasticity of the skin, I count on vitamin injections, botox and collagen", the ex-model once revealed in an interview with the "Gala". On the other hand, they find cosmetic surgery really scary, Crawford told the Ladies Home Journal in 2010: "But as long as you don't use these things to change your face, I think that's okay."

Better to age with dignity

But has she left a scalpel on her face after all? Or just resorted to the tried and tested Botox? Whatever Cindy Crawford did, she overdid it. Instead of trying to rejuvenate her appearance by all means, she should rather age with dignity. Wrinkles are sexy after all, and we're sure that Crawford would still look gorgeous with crow's feet and laugh lines.

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