Can drive a car with smoke

Engine emits blue smoke

With an optimal combustion process, the exhaust gases emerging from the exhaust are colorless. So if your car is emitting blue smoke, it is often a sign of a malfunction. Even so, blue smoke does not always mean a defect, but it still indicates possible defects.


Origin of the blue smoke

If blue smoke rises from the exhaust, this is usually due to unburnt fuel or engine oil in the exhaust gases. This can have many causes - from inadequate seals, which are supposed to prevent the oil from accessing the combustion process, to poor spray atomization. Another, but harmless, reason is the increased fuel percentage when starting when the engine is cold. The blue smoke should then disappear as soon as the engine has warmed up. If your vehicle still smokes after a long journey, we urgently recommend that you visit a workshop. As a rule, increased oil consumption is an indication of defective seals (e.g. piston rings, etc.). This blue smoke is often the first sign of the start of engine damage.


What to do in the event of a defect

If you notice blue smoke on your vehicle and the engine oil level is dropping without any visible loss of oil, we advise you to have one AUTO PROFI workshop to consult. The error is easily rectified in order to guarantee that you can continue your journey safely. The AUTO PROFI workshops broken components only with original parts in manufacturer quality. As a result, repairs can be carried out much cheaper than at the manufacturer's authorized workshops with the same quality.