Who would win Yoda against Darth Bane?

Why couldn't Master Yoda Palpatine hit?

As Zero points out, your question is likely flawed as Windu didn't actually hit Palpatine and Palpatine likely allowed Windu to disarm him. However, I am ready to answer the question as you asked it and then address the actual version of events.

To answer the question asked:

It's not specifically stated, but we can speculate that it is the result of several factors.

Lightsaber skills and forms of Yoda and Windu:

Mace Windu as a lightsaber fighter:

Mace uses the lightsaber shape Vaapad, which he invented himself. It was frowned upon by the Jedi Council for bypassing the edge of the dark side of the Force and requiring the practitioner to bend, if not break, the generally accepted Jedi Code of Conduct. In fact, Windu is the only Jedi practitioner from Vaapad who has not fallen to the dark side of the Force.

Windu's ability :

Mace Windu was a formidable warrior and was widely considered to be one of the greatest swordsmen ever made by the Jedi Order. He was a master of all seven forms of lightsaber combat. He began his development of the deadly form of combat known as vaapad, the seventh form of combat that (for the Jedi) completed the juyo form. Vaapad was named after a predator that is native to the moons of Sarapin.

Mace Windu was the only Jedi who completely controlled Vaapad.The other two practitioners of the style, Sora Bulq and Depa Billaba, could not control it - instead it controlled them, driving them insane and leading them to the dark side. It is said that only his former friend Dooku and the venerable Grand Master Yoda could surpass him. When he went to Haruun Kal to look for his former padawan Depa, he used both his and her lightsaber in a masterful two-bladed variant of Vaapad. During his duel with Darth Sidious, he and the Sith Lord assumed a Form V opening stance in the middle of the battle, but it is not known whether Mace Windu used Form V or not. One factor influencing Windu's fighting style was his admission that his greatest flaw in character was his joy in fighting, and given the nature of the dark side, this was a very dangerous quality for a Jedi.In fact, Windu purposely created Vaapad to channel his inner darkness into something more positive . He also often used a behind-the-back parade and then a push sequence in his dueling style.

Windu was one of the greatest swordsmen of his time. He defeated Sora Bulq during their duel against Ruul and soon overpowered Asajj Ventress. Windu also fought on equal terms with Count Dooku and during the Battle of Boz Pity even managed to defeat Darth Sidious himself in a duel - an feat that no other force adept, including Grandmaster Yoda, could ever accomplish unaided. Another notable example of Windu's combat skills was that he was able to overpower the mighty cyborg General Grievous, despite the fact that he started a sizable battle.
- Wookieepedia

Vaapad :

"I created Vaapad to answer my weakness: it channels my own darkness into a weapon of light."
- Mace Windu to Obi-Wan Kenobi

"[Vaapad] is very aggressive ... it can bring the user very close to the dark side ..."
- Windu mace

"Vaapad is as aggressive and powerful as its namesake, but its power is at great risk: immersion in Vaapad opens the gates that restrict inner darkness. To use Vaapad, a Jedi must allow himself to enjoy combat; he must surrender himself to the thrill of battle. The rush of winning. Vaapad is a path that leads through the penumbra on the dark side ... This was Vaapad's ultimate test. "
- Windu mace

Vaapad has been described as more than a fighting style; It was a state of mind that led through the penumbra on the dark side and forced the user to enjoy the battle and enjoy the satisfaction of winning . The practitioner of Vaapad would accept his opponent's anger and turn it into one half of a superconducting loop, with the other half being the power of darkness inherent in the opponent. The form was also mentioned with a cautionary warning from the Jedi that using Vaapad put the user dangerously close to the dark side due to its focus on physical combat. Vaapad required a constant and substantial flow of force from the user, with a barely contained explosion of force being essential for all variations of Form VII as a further requirement for its use. The form's attacks seemed unrelated, and their movements seemed unpolished to an untrained observer.

In the later years of the Republic, Jedi Master Mace Windu, with the help of fellow master Sora Bulq, developed Vaapad by drawing inspiration from the movements of a creature known as both Vaapad and Juyo, native to the planet Sarapin. Vaapad users appeared to be carrying many lightsabers at once and were moving too fast to see, just as the Vaapad creature would attack with blindingly fast tentacles that could only be counted after the Vaapad died. The attacks of a Vaapad user would flow into one another with fluid precision and create the constant, almost invisible band of energy that represented the readiness of Vaapad. It was also possible to use Vaapad in unarmed combat, with the user's arms becoming too fast to be seen, as well as with the use of two lightsabers. While watching the duel between Darth Sidious and Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker viewed Windu's Vaapad blades as "a flattened ball of purple fire" that contained dozens of blades that attacked from every angle.

After falling to the dark side before the Clone Wars, Count Dooku described the power of Vaapad as bypassing the dark side of the force, but stated during a duel with Sora Bulq that the form was restrained and weak without the direct use of darkness. Dooku later infiltrated Bulq into his cause. After falling to the dark side, Bulq claimed he had perfected the form Windu was denying when he engaged Bulq in a lightsaber duel. While Bulq had previously practiced Vaapad with Windu, he was unable to defeat him in battle and their duel ended in a stalemate. Although Windu and Bulq were credited with creating the Vaapad variant, the seventh lightsaber shape was already known by the Sith Blademaster Kas'im under the name Vaapad at the end of the new Sith Wars, albeit unclear.
- Wookieepedia

So Windu fought fire with fire, so to speak, and fought the emperor on his own terms. Vaapad allowed him to turn the emperor's hostility and aggression back on him and use his own energy to defeat him. Windu was also considered to be one of the most talented lightsaber fighters to have ever lived. So it's not particularly surprising that he was better suited to fighting Palpatine than Yoda.

Yoda as a lightsaber fighter:

Yoda's ability :

A master of lightsaber combat, Yoda was widely recognized as perhaps the greatest Jedi duelist of his day, despite being trained as a Jedi consular. It was said that only Mace Windu, Count Dooku, and Palpatine could fight him on equal terms. Although he was a master of all forms, his preferred style was Form IV as it allowed him to make up for his limited range and stature. His technique should consist of the pure basics of Ataru, which have been brought to the highest possible level. Despite his age, Yoda was an exceptional swordsman, showing amazing speed and skill, jumping and spinning through the air as he struck against an opponent's defenses. Much of his lightsaber fighting style was based on jumping and acrobatics, complemented by his mastery of Force Valor. Despite the fact that Yoda's primary combat specialization was Ataru, he displayed extreme proficiency in deflecting blaster bolts.
- Wookieepedia

Ataru :

"Form IV, also called Ataru, is the most acrobatic form, which is filled with numerous elaborate movements and is heavily dependent on a Jedi's ability to run, jump and turn with the power."
- Cin Twisted

Ataru was an aggressive form of combat that relied on a combination of strength, speed, and agility. For this reason, it was also called the falcon's bat path or the form of aggression. Ataru practitioners were always on the offensive, attacking with wide, swift, and powerful sweeps. Form IV practitioners constantly urged the armed forces to support their movements and attacks. By allowing the Force to flow through their bodies, they were able to overcome their physical limitations - including age, as was the case with Master Yoda - and perform amazing acrobatic feats such as somersaults and backflips not only to attack but also to perform Avoid the slashes and strikes of their opponents. Jedi using Ataru had to incorporate all Force Forces that included exceeding normal physical range of motion, speed, and agility in order to be successful. Running, jumping and turning were emphasized in learning the sophisticated kinetics of the shape.

Those who used Form IV could move at high speed and rain, jump, and attack through the air with heavy blows. Powerful and fast spinning attacks can be deployed from all angles, either from the ground or from the air. A master in the Ataru fight could seem like a blur to his opponents and attack from all directions - from the front, from the sides, overhead or from behind. Power not only allowed them to perform athletic feats that were otherwise not possible, but it also helped direct their actions and movements in combat.
- Wookieepedia

Other factors:

Physical strength:

Yoda is centuries old, walks with a stick and is almost at the end of his life. Windu is a young man, relative to Yoda, and in better shape.

In his later years, Yoda lost much of his mobility, exhibited a pronounced limp, and relied on a stick to aid him in his daily movements.This loss of mobility was due to the fact that Yoda suffered from debilitating arthritis when he was old.Whenever possible, Yoda preferred to use a floating chair rather than walking at all.His mastery of Force Valor enabled him to overcome these physical ailments, but due to the extremely strenuous nature of the skill, he was only able to use it for a short time before he got tired.
- Wookieepedia

Ideological differences:

Mace Windu:

"To use Vaapad, a Jedi must allow himself to enjoy the fight; he has to get the thrill of the fight surrender. The rush of winning. "
- Windu mace

Because of his talent as a duelist and force user, Windu was very proud, fairly certain of his own strength, and was particularly known for his sharp tongue and the occasional sarcastic interface. He kept this arrogance at bay for the most part, however, and humiliated himself toward people he found superior, such as Yoda.

Ultimately, Mace Windus was the real motivation for everything he did a departure from Jedi philosophy , since his personal belief system was an extremist standpoint of peace at all costs * . In his eyes, peace was created through civilization, and he viewed the republic as the ultimate civilization, thereby developing a bond with the institution and was ready to do whatever was necessary to preserve the republic, even if it was a violation of Jedi philosophy.This proved to be his ultimate downfall when he decided to execute the seemingly helpless Chancellor Palpatine, an unarmed enemy who spurred Anakin Skywalker to action.
- Wookieepedia


Yoda: Help you, I can. Yeah, mmm.

LUKE: I don't think so. I'm looking for a great warrior.

Yoda: Oh! Great warrior. Wars don't make you great .
- Yoda and Luke Skywalker meet on Dagobah

For his students the elf lamp Yoda could appear either very strict or like a grandfather figure, test it for mental and physical extremes in one moment and show warmth in the next. The students often disagreed with him at first, but gradually understood his attitudes.

His peers on the Jedi High Council were known to have a penchant for calamity and practical jokes. To all young Jedi, he was the humble Yoda, who provided enlightened leadership and embodied the ideals of the Jedi Order ; As the Grand Master of this August body, he was widely known as a wise instructor.
- Wookieepedia

Yoda was unable to defeat Palpatine - or fare as well against him as Windu - due to a number of factors:

  • His age and physical frailty in relation to Palpatine and Windu.

  • His attitude towards the use of power led him to reject overt aggression and hostility. Windu was ready to kill an unarmed Palpatine, which Yoda is hard to imagine.

  • His inability to face Palpatine on an equal footing in terms of harnessing the energies of the dark side.

  • When Yoda fought Palpatine, he may have been hampered by the greater damage inflicted on the balance of the armed forces in general, and the Jedi Order in particular, compared to when Windu fought Palpatine.

It is likely that Palpatine was not beaten for what it appeared to be. The amendment of the Revenge of the Sith suggests that Palpatine purposely "defeated" Windu knowing that Anakin would intervene on his behalf [the following quote is edited to focus on the relevant information]:

Now the shadow was just Palpatine: old and shriveled, thinning hair that had been bleached white with time and care, face full of exhaustion.

"Despite all your might, you are not a Jedi. All you are, my lord," Mace said evenly, staring past his blade, "is under arrest."

"See, Anakin? Do you?" Palpatine's voice was back to the broken cadence of a frightened old man. "Didn't I warn you about the Jedi and their betrayal?"

"Save your twisted words, sir. There are no politicians here. The Sith will never regain control of the Republic. It's over. You have lost." Mace straightened his blade. "You lost for the same reason the Sith always lose: defeated by your own fear."

Palpatine raised his head.

His eyes smoked with hatred.

"Fool," he said.

He raised his arms, his office robes spread wide in the bird of prey's wings, and his hands clung to claws.

"Fool!" His voice was a clap of thunder. "Do you think the fear you are feeling is mine?"

The light shot through the clouds and a bolt of lightning from Palpatine's hands, and Mace didn't have time to understand what Palpatine was talking about. He only had time to return to Vaapad and turn his blade to catch the prongs of pure, blinding hatred that clung to him.

Because Vaapad is more than a fighting style. It's a state of mind: a channel for darkness. The power went in and out of him without touching him. And the circuit was completed: the lightning bolt was reflected back to its source.

Palpatine staggered and growled, but the blistered energy pouring from his hands only intensified. He fed the strength with his pain.

"Anakin!" Mace called. His voice sounded distant and hazy. when it came from the bottom of a well. "Anakin, help me! This is your chance!"

He felt Anakin jump from the office onto the ledge, felt his approach behind him - and Palpatine was not afraid.Mace could feel it: he wasn't at all worried. "Destroy that traitor," said the Chancellor, his voice rising against the howl of the writhing energy that connected his hands to Mace's blade. "This was never an arrest. It's an assassination!"

Then Mace finally got it. He had it. The key to ultimate victory. Palpatine's Shatterpoint. The absolute breaking point of the Sith. The shatter point of the dark side itself.

Mace thought blankly astonished, Palpatine trusts Anakin Skywalker ...

Anakin was on Mace's shoulder now. Palpatine still made no move to defend himself against Skywalker. Instead, he raised the lightning bolt that burst from his hands and bent the well of Mace's blade back toward the Korun master's face.

Palpatine's eyes shone with strength and cast a yellow look that burned back the rain around them. "He's a traitor, Anakin. Destroy him."

"You are the chosen one, Anakin," Mace said, his voice thin with tension. This was beyond Vaapad; He had no strength left to fight his own blade. "Take it. It's your fate. '"

Skywalker repeated it weakly. "Fate..."

"Help me! I can't hold on any longer!" The yellow glow of Palpatine's eyes spread through his flesh. His skin flowed like oil, as if the muscle beneath it was burning away, as if even the bones of his skull were softening, bending and bulging, and deforming from the heat and pressure of his electrical hatred. "He's killing me, Anakin -! Please, Anaaahhh -"

Mace's blade bent so close to his face it choked on ozone. "Anakin, he's too strong for me ..."

"Ahhh ..." Palpatine's roar over the endless lightning strike turned into a fading groan of despair.

The lightning choked, leaving only the night and the rain, and an old man fell to his knees on a slippery ledge.

"I ... can't. I give up. I ... I'm too weak in the end. Too old and too weak. Don't kill me, Master Jedi. Please. I give up."

Victory flooded through Mace's aching body. He raised his blade. "You Sith Disease -"

"Wait ..." Skywalker grabbed his lightsaber arm with desperate strength. "Don't kill him - you can't just kill him, master -"

"Yes, I can," said Mace grimly and confidently. "I have to." "You have come to arrest him. He's going to be on trial -" "A trial would be a joke. He controls the courts. He controls the Senate -" "So you're going to kill everyone too? Like he said you did would do? "

Mace yanked his arm free. "He's too dangerous to stay alive. If you had taken Dooku alive, would you have?" Skywalker's face was free of emotion. "That was different -"

Mace turned to the creeping, defeated Sith Lord. "You can tell the difference after he's dead." He raised his lightsaber.

"I need him alive!" Skywalker yelled. "I need him to save Padme!" Mace thought blankly: Why? And moved his lightsaber towards the fallen chancellor.

Before he could deliver his blow, a sudden arc of blue plasma shot through his wrist and his hand still fell away with his lightsaber, and Palpatine picked himself up again and flashed from the Sith Lord's hands and without his blade catch it, the force of Palpatine's hatred hit him completely.

He had been so concerned with Palpatine's splinter point that he would never have thought of looking for Anakins.

Dark lightning blasted away his universe. He fell forever.

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This answer relies heavily on legend sources, but the questioner did not indicate that legend material is acceptable (the question is not tagged with the legend). More importantly, the assertion of this answer that Windu defeated Palpatine by "fighting fire with fire" is in the face of the actual Defeat of Palpatine - through the self-sacrificing love of father and son (Anakin and Luke) for each other (bright side) - contradicts). I find the idea of ​​Windu defeating Palpatine by "fighting fire with fire" absolutely incredible - you seriously think a Jedi defeated Palpatine in his own game (the dark side)?

Wad Cheber

@Null - that's a pretty narrow take on a very broad answer. They also ignore the fact that Windu did not beat Palpatine. He was better than Yoda because he was stronger, healthier, and his fighting style was better suited to Palpatine (and because Palpatine probably made him do as well as he did). He hired a dark sider with a style that bypassed the dark side.

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By citing and boldly quoting Wookieepedia's false claim, you are still giving the appearance of Windu defeating Palpatine.

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This answer is interesting, but it could seriously be shortened. Far too many lengthy quotes. I would cut it down to the bare minimum if I were you ...

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@ WadChub who talked about rep? I thought it affected the length and detail of your answer in my opinion according to their usefulness. I would cut it down and get to the point, but you can ignore my opinion.