Who invented the angle grinder?

When was the angle grinder invented?

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Why is the angle grinder called angle grinder?

The Angle grinder has earned the second name "Flex" because the first machines in this area were operated with a flexible shaft. In the later years, an angular gear was used for the most part, so that the Angle grinder was born.

What can you do with a Flex?

An angle grinder (also cut-off grinder, cut-off hunter, cut-off witch, grinding witch, fire wheel or Flex called) is a mostly electrically driven hand machine with a fast rotating round grinding wheel or cutting wheel.

Which discs for angle grinders?

There are basically three sizes of Discs for angle grinders. The smallest is 115 mm, then 125 mm and finally 230 mm. The big 230 mm Discs stand out clearly and should therefore not be confused.

Which angle grinder is recommended?

ElectricalAngle grinder Test / comparison
  • Rank 1 - VERY GOOD (1.42): Makita GA9050R - electricalAngle grinder.
  • Rank 2 - VERY GOOD (1.45): Bosch GWS 13-125 - electricalAngle grinder.
  • Rank 3 - GOOD (1.52): Einhell TE-AG 125/750 Kit - electricalAngle grinder.
  • Rank 4 - GOOD (1.55): Bosch GWS 22-230 JH - electricalAngle grinder.

Can you sand wood with an angle grinder?

According to experts are Angle grinder only to a limited extent Wood grinding suitable as they are more suitable for metal and stone surfaces. Before you start with the grind you should definitely make sure that the Wood is clean. For example, remove resin residues.

What kind of drug is Flex?

Methylenedioxypyrovalerol, or MDPV for short, has many names. In Göttingen, those who abuse the stuff say, "Flex" to. In the USA, the white powder, which is usually snorted, occasionally smoked or injected, was known as "bath salt".

What does weird flex mean?

The expression "Weird flex but OK “comes from English and means as much as "Weird way to show off, but OK". You can always post it when someone is exaggerating on the net.

What does my greatest flex mean?

Importance "Flex“In rap and in youth language

In this sense, "Flex“Easily combined with showing off, that is, showing one's abilities. "Flex“Should be understood as praise. A “nicer Flex“Is a good and commendable achievement.

What is the difference between a Flex and an angle grinder?

One thing first: Flex is nothing more than another name for the tool labeled Angle grinder (€ 48.74 at Amazon *). The name "Flex“Comes from the tool company Flex-Elektrowerkzeuge, a company that was founded in 1922 and 13 years later for the first time Angle grinder had on offer.

What is abrasive cutting?

The separation of materials by grinding is called Cut-off or deep grinding. Compared to other cutting processes such as sawing or flame cutting, the Cut the advantage of higher work progress and better cutting quality.

What sizes are there of angle grinders?

All discs are in different Sizes available and surrendered Angle grinder with 11.5, 12.5, 15.0, 18.0, 23.0 and 30.0 cm diameter. Angle grinder 115, Angle grinder 125 and Angle grinder 230 are the most common Sizes.

Which cutting disc for which application?

Cutting through concrete, natural stone and asphalt

Another area of ​​application for Cutting discs forms the processing of concrete, natural stone and asphalt. To sever or cut through these materials, a Diamond cutting disc be used.

Which cutting disc for what?

A Diamond cutting disc* is usually only suitable for use in stone, concrete, asphalt, natural stone and the like - but not for metals. The basis of this Cutting discs are mostly steel sheets to which diamond segments are applied by soldering, welding or sintering.

When does a diamond disc wear out?

Diamond disc became out of round worn due to poor machine bearings, worn Cutting shaft, insufficient cleanliness or damage to the flange surfaces or excessive blunting of the segments (see "Excessive wear"). If necessary, replace the bearings or the worn Wave.