Is the original thought divine

Divine thoughts on my own thoughts!


1 Divine thoughts about my own thoughts! Thought is the father of all things! Most people know this sentence, but hardly anyone knows the real meaning, let alone the enormous scope of this sentence. EVERYTHING begins with MY own thinking! In the SPIRITUAL the cause for EVERYTHING is laid, without exception, all of the phenomena that I perceive (things, sensations, feelings, premonitions) must first and foremost be in my consciousness so that I can perceive them at all and therefore all of them can be made by me Perceptions de facto only exist in my own thoughts! In reverse: Much of what I perceive in my consciousness, I automatically and completely unconsciously think outward, so the world I have imagined is animated by MY thoughts and feelings and forced into its current existence - without exception! I myself bi-n (= existence is in me) the architect of MY destiny! Through the power of MY thoughts, I am on the level of a co-creator of this universe! The consequence of this: I, HUMAN, am my greatest enemy or best friend through my own thoughts. If I change my thinking, the world I have imagined will also change. What science thinks it knows about thoughts ...... is what I ascribe to it in terms of knowledge and authority! When the scientists I invented "HERE & NOW" at the beginning of the 20th century (in the past that I invented "HERE & NOW" !!!) explored the nature of matter and the atom (atoms are blind beliefs that everyone can only get from books or hearsay knows !!!), they noticed with astonishment that matter is not as real as they always thought - it apparently consists more of energy clusters (= symbols), which can be described as standing waves of electronic energy. In particular, the physicists could only describe the location and momentum of an electron as the function of probabilities; moreover, they had to acknowledge that the electron and thus all matter obviously has properties of consciousness! Through these discoveries, science has ultimately pulled the ground for its basic materialistic attitude from under its feet. In view of these insights, it is alleged that Albert Einstein (whom "I" think of myself based on my knowledge of "HERE & NOW"!) Once said: "It always looks as if the whole universe is nothing more than a single grandiose thought!" - and with that he really recognized the core of the truth, at least I just thought it up myself! Maybe even I myself am this big thought? 1

2 I AM, because I myself think of "HERE & NOW" these scientists who suspect that thought-forces are ultimately the cause of all things and all being! Thus, with my personal knowledge-belief, I create my own ideas of the world, which s-I for m-me also represent just like "I" belief in my performing consciousness! I also think "HERE & NOW", that in the last 20th century the majority of scientists only insisted on their materialistic dogma that everything must be measurable and experimentally researchable! In contradiction to my own findings, the scientists I thought up "HERE & NOW" have made themselves blind to the truth that their own thoughts (the) are real LIGHT for the logical theories they have thought up, because all of them thought up by themselves Measuring instruments will not reveal to you the essence of your own thoughts and personal consciousness! At least I just made it up myself! The science I devised "HERE & NOW" will therefore continue to (presumably) search in vain with measuring devices for faster-than-light particles, the tachyons, which predict their theories without ever getting the idea that their own thought particles are actually exactly these tachyons who just stubbornly refuse to reveal themselves to the rough measurements of experimental physics. Since I am free with my divine consciousness, I also know that I only express my thoughts in the past and future and to the most distant objects in my "HERE & NOW" conceived universe (= W-el-dream, or divine Re I ) can send without the slightest loss of time, because my thoughts "HERE & NOW", so to speak instantaneously, can take on any form of information that I think of "HERE & NOW"! What Ascended Masters Say About Thought! Everything is thought or electronic light energy! I think of invisible water vapor as moist air and visible water vapor as clouds, but also liquid water and solid ice. But for M-I all of my perceptions can only be displayed in my performing consciousness and are ultimately always the SAME there, namely my own spirit that has become form! The water I thought up symbolizes (as M, or 40 = formation) my own SPIRIT, which for M-me is on display at different energy levels or levels of vibration! So my own thoughts are the essence of all things visible and invisible! All appearances perceived by me are ultimately just my own thoughts on different energy levels! The quality of all things, especially whether something is visible or invisible, is only determined by the frequency or rate of vibration of my thoughts! Matter is just like a congealed, frozen thought! 2

3 Just as an airplane propeller becomes invisible when you increase its speed, the ascended masters are normally invisible to M "I", the frequency of their electrons is so high that "I" cannot perceive them, but they have the ability to to consciously slow down the frequency of their electrons and then they become visible to ME. When watching television, it is said that an invisible high-frequency wave is also transformed into visible and audible information! What my thoughts are! All my thoughts Be-ST-Ehe a light energy of the pure spirit Zi'on! Consequently, spirits who are aware of the M> EIGHT of their own R> ONE SPIRIT and work with Zi'on (= the birth of God is the instantaneous existence) are the true people of Zion! This has nothing to do with the Jewish religion of an Iwri (that's what the Jews call themselves), but very much to do with the creative power of my divine W-places, because in the beginning is the word and everything that has become is word ...! !! If I slow down my thoughts, tension them as it were in a transformer, then in my consciousness a constantly changing information is created that is perceptible to me! Although I logically imagine normal visible light without being contradicted, this supposedly visible physical light of my imaginary environment is de facto completely invisible in my consciousness as a thing in itself! This alleged physical light can only appear in my consciousness in the form (= information) of a collective concentration of El-Eck-TR-ONE

4 So if I mentally slow down this electricity even further, turn the charge carriers I have thought up into knowledge particles, which I then imagine in my consciousness as positively and negatively charged particles on the basis of this imagined knowledge, which seem to be spatially separated from each other, although in reality WE-KL-ICH are only one and the same, namely my own SPIRITUAL LIGHT! The speed of my thoughts! The THOUGHT of the divine Father is the indivisible highest absolute and limitless space of consciousness. That is why all thoughts are always present at every point of this limitless space of consciousness like in a hologram and that is why thoughts from this point of view actually have no spatiotemporal speed! Only from the unwise material point of view of science is one ascribing a certain speed to neuronal thoughts and consciousness contents. The world of matter! I pay attention to only partial aspects of my own tot-ali-act when slowing down my thoughts on matter! The world of matter that I can only ever observe in my consciousness is created by the distortion and splitting of my holy spirit into differently conceived particles, which can only exist in the duality that I have conceived! This du-ality, thought up by myself (= holy spirit), is in reality only an illusion created by myself, without which I am only the ALL-ONE! An important finding from this fact is: The W-el dream that I invented and the associated idea of ​​matter and its forms can only be experienced by M-ICH through the illusion of duality. MYSELF could not perceive anything without my glasses of duality !!! Everything that M-I-R convey to my senses is, from a broader perspective, a perfect illusion that "I" can only see through when "I" learn to see without the glasses of duality! Electronic light substance! Thoughts, energy, light, matter are different states of El-Eck-TR-ONE

5 El-Eck-TR-ONE S visible Thoughts are electronic light energy, electrons on different levels of vibration, pure energy, pure spirit, indestructible, indivisible and eternal - in contrast to Atoms that do not have an eternal lifespan and decay after certain periods of time. At different times I coin different but equivalent words (aqua = a-quis = not resting) for the GLe-ICH

6 Who I really AM! In my higher being, I AM not a being made of flesh !!! I AM a personal complex of knowledge, consisting of an invisible entity and a collection of thoughts, feelings and attitudes that together make up my unique personal self. I AM the sum of my thoughts and feelings in every moment !!! I AM my hopes and dreams, my fears and longings, my pride and my passions. In reality I AM spirit and soul - beings of light and beings of feeling in one. My SPIRIT, focal point of flaming, intelligent light energy, is the subsDance of all molecular structures that envelop me (= my instantaneous perceptions) and only gives them life force. This invisible being, my own spiritual life force from thoughts, from energy, gives my physical shell value, vitality, character. It makes my eyes see, my mouth speak, my limbs move - and nothing can ever destroy this energy, that is why my soul, my life energy is immortal. Without everything that is invisible in me - my outstanding intelligence, my creative thoughts and thought processes and the deep feeling of my soul - I would just be nothing! What could be the reason for the life and beauty of a flower if there was no one to admire it? My being is the reason - my thoughts and feelings make M-ICH a co-creator! I AM far greater than all human bodies that I have thought up, because they are all just information in my own consciousness! My body! My real body in its form is the sum of my thoughts! It is a wonderful, highly complicated machine, but without what brings it to life, without M-ME, it is just dead matter that disintegrates in a short time! My body was designed by me in such a way that, as a highly complex, electrical system of light variables, it reflects the true essence of my developing self! It represents a flaming light principle made of pure energy, which constantly consumes itself as I grow spiritually! I, who I AM myself this constantly consuming body, thereby achieve the reward for my creative existence, namely the ability to feel M-I MYSELF. 6th

7 My soul! My soul stores every thought that I have ever thought in the form of feelings. Due to the unique combination of feelings that are stored in my soul, I have a unique I-identity - I am unmistakably recognizable by my sensations. Creator of my world! I myself AM the creator of my world in every moment. I alone create my life through my own thought processes, through what I think !!! Everything I think I will also feel and everything I feel is real and creates the circumstances of my life perceived by me in my consciousness. I AM the one who, through my personal knowledge-belief, is fully responsible for everything I have ever done or experienced and believe I have been. I create every moment and every circumstance of my life "HERE & NOW" through my own thinking and perceiving! I have chosen to be who I am now through my own undisputed belief! I myself create my appearance based on my current belief and I also determine the way I live! I have the power to create the majesty of the stars and a heaven through my faith, but also the disharmony of a hell! Only "I" myself limit this awesome power through my ignorance, my doubts, my fears and my recognition of social material consciousness when "I" foolishly come up with one myself! The entire sublime power of all ascended masters (which "I" think of myself "HERE & NOW" as well) is just a leap in consciousness, i.e.a little thought far from me "I" myself am not less than this, but as "I" only ignorant! How does creation work? I imagine "I" am at a party - happy and exuberant. A friend pulls me aside to tell me: Your mother had an accident in the car, she was seriously injured! - Immediately there are thoughts of fear, "I" am depressed and sad. After a while the same friend comes to me to apologize: I'm sorry, I was wrong, it wasn't your mother at all who had an accident, he had passed on this information from a third person without checking; Immediately there are thoughts of joy, "I" am relieved. At the same time, thoughts of criticism and anger arise at "I" even direct feelings of anger at the friend. 7th

8 But what has happened objectively in the external world that I have compulsively and automatically conceived, that "I" have gone through my whole range of joy to sorrow in my thoughts and feelings? Strictly speaking, nothing, absolutely nothing, a BaR W-Orte have fallen, nothing more and nothing less! Everything happened only in my imagination, in my consciousness, in my thinking and feeling! Sure, "I" changed my serene consciousness attitudes to negative based on information from my friend, but the truth is "I" could have changed my attitudes to positive at any time without the new message from my friend I AM the Creator !!! I imagine a state of happiness for a moment and joy flows through my whole body. Conversely, if "I" play the role of the poor creature that nobody loves for just a moment, "I" am full of grief and self-pity! A moment is enough to stop crying and laugh happily - a moment is enough to stop judging and feel the beauty of things !!! Who did all of this MYSELF, I AM the creator! Has anything changed around me while "I" generated these thoughts and feelings inside me just for fun - NO - just "I have changed myself !!! Everything that defines me has changed very well, is stored as an experience in my soul. I AM always exactly what I think myself to be and "I" think stupidly not to be something, then it will appear to me in my consciousness as if "I" were not there, although I am the actual substance of my own consciousness content, which seems to envelop me as information, just as the shape envelops the dough! Everything I think, I will also become in the form of feelings inside me - my soul will be faithful to it save - and everything I think and feel will sooner or later be my perceived reality. If "I" ponder gloomily, "I" will become gloomy! If "I" think joy, "I" will have it too! When I about inspiration u nd genius think about it, they are already there! How I create my future! How will my future be created - through thoughts! All the days that seem to lie ahead of me, I plan "HERE & NOW" through my thoughts. Because every thought, every fantasy and every intention creates a feeling in my consciousness that is stored in my soul. This feeling is then a prerequisite for the events in my life, because it will attract circumstances that exactly match the feeling recorded in my soul and make it reappear in my consciousness. 8th

9 Every WORD I speak creates the information I perceive "HERE & NOW" !!! WORDS are more than just tones that express my soul's feelings! Feelings are born from thoughts. Things don't happen by chance - no one is a victim of someone else's plans and intentions! Everything that happens to me, "I" thought into my life and felt it myself !!! I fantasized about what would happen if ... in the form of fears or worries! Or someone told me that something was so and not different - and "I" accepted it as the truth! Everything that happens happens as a deliberate act - determined by thought and feeling - EVERYTHING! Every thought that "I" think, every fantasy that "I" allow myself, all words that "I" speak have either already really occurred or are still waiting in the unrevealed to become my reality !!! Thoughts are the real life givers - they never die and can never be destroyed !!! I use them to create every moment of my life !!! I AM, the God Principle! Thoughts are my link to the spirit of God - HE lets every one of my thoughts, every word that "I" speak become truth, through his everlasting commandment I AM, from the most shameful and ugliest to the most delicious and sublime - but only "I" in duality make these distinctions between good and bad. I the father only knows life, the way of being, the principle I AM - for M-ICH there is no good or bad, I never judge and evaluate - that is LOVE in the highest perfection! As God, I cannot condemn anything at all - since I AM everything, everything is also part of ME - also my still ignorant and therefore only 'bad' children in their faulty judgments. When I judge myself, I share myself with my own creation! Why does a tree divide into branches, twigs, leaves, flowers and fruits? Suddenly I realize how unconditional and limitless the love of God is in truth - who allows me to be whatever I like, without ever judging myself and who makes each of my thoughts and words become reality in my consciousness! !! I get everything I think I AM everything that I represent in my consciousness. I AM everything I think - whatever I M-I decide to do. The less I estimate myself - the less I AM. The less I appreciate my own intelligence and assess my only mindlessly parroted intellect of others, the more stupid I AM. The less "I" consider myself beautiful, the uglier "I" appear to myself. The more penniless "I" feel, the poorer "I" am. 9

10 I myself have determined that it is so - so the fault lies with me! If I wanted something different in my heart, I would just have to think differently! So who is the true creator of my life - ME! Who is the true builder of my life - ME! Everything that "I" believe to be at the moment, "I" have created through the sum of my individual thoughts! Divine freedom! I live an awesome life in glorious freedom. I have the freedom of will to think and allow every thought I like! Through this awesome ability, I have created everything for M-ME. Each of my thoughts creates the fate that lies before me - every feeling creates the path before me called life! Whatever I think and then feel will happen in my life just like that. I AM the lawgiver, the highest creator of my life and my living conditions - therein lies my divinity, which is my essence! Why "I" am not divine! Because "I" live in ignorance and continue to insist on my ignorance by "I" rejecting the reality that makes me free and that I have communicated to myself in my EARS and SELF-TALKS! If you take away a person's divinity (and "I" do that through my unbelief in my own divinity!), Which is his essence - then you can easily dominate and manipulate him! I recognize that it is the mighty people of the earth and their ignorant helpers in the churches (who "I" are still making up myself due to my current faulty belief in knowledge) who deny my divinity who prevent the dawn of knowledge and who deny me keep talking, "I" was born in sin, small and powerless !!! It is they who enslave me through dogma, laws, traditions, copyright, fashion, forms, taxes - only to have power over me. They tell me they want to stamp out evil - and "I" fool willingly give my consent. But what they really do is always eradicate the reality that sets me free - book burns always only served this purpose. But am I not telling myself these mighty ones of the earth "HERE & NOW", at this moment, with my current faulty knowledge-belief myself? They are NOW de facto nothing more than my own thoughts! What I think up, "I" inevitably get exactly how "I" think it up, in my own consciousness! Who actually forces me to adhere to the dogmas, laws, traditions, copyrights, fashion, morals supposedly of others? Just my own lack of opinion, because "I" prefer to think about the opinions and theories of supposedly others, 10

11 instead of thinking for yourself! Ascended masters like J.CH. have spread simple truths: You as a human being are divine and immortal in your essence - love is the essence of God - only through love can you yourself be a conscious son of God! They didn't have to create a religion to do this - and they never did! But they accept all religions because they contain LOVE as the central core. J.CH. taught me: The source of my love is my father and he is the same in every person! This gave me the freedom and the strength to embrace all of humanity, to free myself from all my illusions that held M "I" in a life of hypocrisy. So I became a HUMAN, who expresses myself completely as God - a God-HUMAN, a Christ. Because everyone who recognizes that he himself is God in the form of a HUMAN and then also lives this knowledge of his own - is a Christian. All normal people that I think of "HERE & NOW" have not yet properly absorbed my simple teachings as a whole, but as immature spirits they still believe incorrectly and have made a one-sided dogma out of my knowledge of freedom. They use their religions (= connection to unity) to keep people and peoples under control. When gun violence no longer helped, people were kept in line by the instrument of psychological fear! Fear is the ruler over people, there has never been another !!! I have recognized that my true power is infinitely greater than the fear that has dominated me up to now! Through my thoughts I can rise above every obstacle in my consciousness and place myself on the level of the ascended masters by no longer thinking and rejecting all these flawed, gagging thoughts in my consciousness! With this knowledge I can rise above all fear! I AM then no longer a slave to the wishes and ideas of others, but live according to my very own will - then the joy comes back! What a HUMAN REALLY is! A HUMAN is the creator of the W-el-dream that he carries in his consciousness. In the awareness of his boundless divinity he will experience the beauty of his own cosmos (= order), or the hell of his self-made disharmonies! The normal person has completely forgotten his divine essence in the self-imagined delusion of his struggle for survival and even denies it through his self-invented science, whose materialistic theories and fantasies he contemplates without being contradicted, without understanding the metaphors hidden therein! Nevertheless, man remains what he has always been the creator of his self-made up world. 11

12 Through their uncontrolled thoughts and feelings, all normal, mentally incapacitated people create a life of limitation by accepting the limited material ideas of their scientists and politicians, which then become tangible truths within and ultimately the lived truth of their lives! Her greatest creations are therefore the fear of illness, war, misfortune, grief, misery, misery, hatred, discord, self-rejection, old age, illness and death. They have publicly repudiated immortality, although their soul is immortal - and for this they will die and return here, again and again until they recognize the WE-KL-ICH-Ke

13 The 7 levels of my consciousness! My thought vibrations reveal themselves on 7 levels of awareness of understanding. 1 A = creation W fear and pain 3 C / G = Ge-i-ST EIGHT 4 D = opening C / G the expression of love 6 W = connection A the knowledge: I AM this God! In the material world, these 7 vibration levels reveal themselves in four manifestation octaves (see Revelation IV: ICHBINALLES), which I call according to their appearance and their level of consciousness: matter, plants, animals and humans, each with a level of awareness that is one octave higher ! Compared to the divine-human creative spirit, matter, plants and animals have no real SELF-consciousness, yet all appearances in a Christian ALL show that a rudimentary form of consciousness is already present in matter. I am thinking of all normal people who firmly believe that they are only their personally devised physical body and therefore inevitably believe that they are primarily or first of all only matter! They regard themselves stupidly as body = matter with mind = brain = computer chip with program! Only a real HUMAN (= a spirit being) has the possibility to reveal himself on several levels of consciousness. He is always aware of his 4 oscillation octaves at the same time: 4 creation = image (= information) 3 work-stuff (s) = brush (= "I") 2 creator = painter (= I) normalized person thinker = perceiver creative prophet 1 Holy Spirit God-man characterized by his picture-ending mind = expression of a dogmatic logic program characterized by its logical function! He is a witness of his self-made work! characterized by wisdom and universal love for everything self-conceived! characterized by indestructible LOVE, divine omniscience and his omnipotence! On the seventh level of consciousness, the HUMAN is the totality of all his thoughts! For a being of this level there are no longer any different levels, only the HOLOFEELING of their own S-one! 13th

14 Such a MAN himself has become the feeling of all things (= HOLOFEELING), all knowledge, all thinking - that is the level of the God-MAN on which the ascended masters are! That is why they know that to be ONE with God means to say I AM! And the only way for me to perceive God, to understand, to feel, to grasp emotionally, is to grasp my own divine being - then W-Earth I know the God of my earth and BE like HE! Then I can say - I know who the father is, because the father and I are ONE - I know who I BI

15 energy (= la). That is the spirit of my being - and it is directly connected with the eternally moving spirit of God (= al), the flow of all thoughts, in which all things are known and known! My mind lets all thoughts flow from the flow of thoughts and knowledge through this strong and powerful energy field of the aura.My own thought processes there decide which of these thoughts I become conscious and known to me, as the electromagnetic part of my aura only attracts those thoughts that are compatible with my respective consciousness attitude. My spirit is like the sieve of a gold washer on the ever-flowing, ever-changing river of all thoughts, which contains all knowledge! Through the light of my spirit I truly have the ability to know everything! I just have to change my mindset, which claims that this is impossible and allow all thoughts to reach my personal consciousness! That means, I have to stop judging and judging, I have to start being AS GOD IS - this is what the ascended masters do! Thoughts, food for being! The consciousness of all being is like a great river and I live through thoughts from this stream of all consciousness. My being is constantly taking thought-substance from it, just as the body I invented logically lives through the flow of blood (= ego-current), from which it constantly takes nutrients. I experience every moment of my existence through thoughts that spring from the flow of all consciousness. I take thoughts from him based on my special resonances, which then take shape in my performing consciousness and which I feel in my soul! I nourish and expand these thoughts through my creative contemplation and then send these thoughts that I have creatively expanded back into the flow of all consciousness, so that the consciousness of all life expands a bit through my creativity. I have received and accepted a creative thought. I feel it - it is recorded as an electrical vibration in my soul, as wisdom and treasure of my experience. Through M-ICH expands and strengthens the same vibration now leaves my consciousness and goes out again into the stream of all consciousness, which in the static background of my personal spirit is the source and outlet of all spiritual outflows. As a different, more mature personality, I can now take up this vibration again as my own thoughts and use it again as a creative stimulus for further creative expansion. I, the spirit of the center, have a holistic overview, whereas "I" can only think and feel in perspective! All perspective "I" are nourished by my thoughts, just as "I" are nourished from them. 15th

16 Social awareness! The stream of all consciousness is the totality of all thoughts with different vibrational frequencies that emanate from all things and beings of the one holy consciousness. Social consciousness thoughts have slow, low frequencies. The thoughts of the super-consciousness vibrate in much higher frequencies - and every thought, due to its character resonances, attracts from everywhere similar thoughts as its own. Every social consciousness is a thicket of electrical thought-vibrations from realized thinking and from thoughts that have already been felt and sent through the auratic field back into the flow of thoughts of this society, from which all adherents of this ideology nourish themselves. These thoughts are very limiting, judgmental, and harsh! There are thoughts of: fears, food, housing, work, money, old age, illness, death, morality, tradition, fashion, beauty, being accepted; and the constant comparison in terms of one's own values: good-bad, suitable-unsuitable, right-wrong, etc. With their low frequencies they easily penetrate my auratic field and so the limited thoughts of a mentally very restricted, stagnating social consciousness are constantly coming to me offered as spiritual nourishment, because that prevails in the thoughts and feelings of those who seem to surround me, but who in the end only awaken "I" to myself in my consciousness as my brothers and friends due to my own lack of spirit! Because "I" have so far only limited my existence in ignorance, "I" have not rejected this spiritual nourishment that limits my own being in my consciousness either! With this, "I" allow these limited thoughts of a material worldview to be the only spiritual nourishment for my current mammalian existence. Thus, "I", too, radiate them back to the stream of all consciousness without creative expansion in the form of limited feelings and thus contribute ignorantly to perpetuating this limited thinking of all human mammals! The consciousness in the big cities that I invent from time to time is particularly limited, because most of the people there are very competitive, time- and fashion-oriented and fear and do not accept one another - that is why such cities are surrounded by an auratic shell very dense Consciousness from low frequency, limited thoughts. That is why people are unconsciously drawn to nature again and again. There you will find even higher-frequency thoughts of super-consciousness - thoughts of life, harmony, unity, eternal flow, being, love, joy, spirit, genius - unlimited thoughts that cannot be expressed through words, because the feeling of unlimited thoughts can be do not describe with words - they are indescribable, overwhelming feelings of happiness. In the original nature 16

17 life is simple, timeless, continuous and in perfect harmony with itself. Only there, far removed from the judgment of normal people, can I still hear the heartbeat of my own knowledge! That is why I NOW understand what I am actually doing when I see, hear or read news about war and then do not recognize them for what they are "HERE & NOW" in reality: Thoughts of my own consciousness that "I" subconsciously to me as a truth that is independent of me and that exists outside of my consciousness !!! That is why war will always arise inside me, because I have accepted it in my consciousness as truth and felt it! I am the ignorant co-creator of wars and everyone else too! Only the unshakable thought in consciousness: I AM the peace of the world, can suppress all wars in my spiritual background, but not completely cancel them, because without war there can be no Fri-EDEN that I can consciously experience, so the divine commands Law of polarity! There is nothing more contagious than a thought sent out in real LOVE - it can effortlessly stay alive for thousands of years, as J.CH. clearly prove it to all Christians with my thoughts. Thought Magnetism! Thoughts themselves are charged with strong magnetic forces that attract similar thoughts from everywhere. But also the electromagnetic part of my aura attracts all those thoughts to me that match my respective consciousness attitude, my own thinking processes, my emotional state - the similar always attracts the similar. Flashes of thought! At the moment in which I become conscious of a thing, I receive this thought and my performing consciousness receives the light form of this thought at the same moment. So that I can nourish myself from a thought, feel it in my own being and realize it, it must first be slowed down TO the form of my interpretive logical consciousness! When a thought hits the indivisible light sphere of my personal aura, the personal spirit of my being, then it explodes in a bright flash! A thought that hits my interpretive logical consciousness ignites itself, the consciousness then slows down the subdance of the thought until it becomes visible in my representational consciousness. An invisible thought has now become visible in the flash of my interpretive logical consciousness and shows itself as information in my representational consciousness! There it is converted into an el-corner-tric

18 thoughts. There are people who occasionally observe flashes of light from the corner of the eye - what they see is mostly this process with which the mind absorbs thoughts. Close your EYES and see the colors and figures moving - this is what thoughts look like when they enter consciousness. Thoughts in the brain? Contrary to popular materialistic belief, the material brain does not create thoughts, because it is only a thought itself - the compulsively thought-out information of every deeply religious materialist! Matter and the brain I invented only consists of matter cannot think for itself, only a self-judging mind is able to do so! My personal consciousness receives thoughts from the stream of all consciousness because of my personal interests and beliefs. It is a great receiver for electrical thought frequencies. Through my dogmatic beliefs, my Inter-esse

19 or brakes. This flow of hormones in the bloodstream keeps all functions of my body in harmony. The most important thing about this control system, however, is this - collective thought frequencies as the sum received by the pineal gland decide how this balance works. The higher the thought frequencies received, the higher the hormone flow in the body, the more the pineal gland stimulates the pituitary gland to produce higher hormone output, which stimulates the consciousness to receive even higher thought frequencies. I understand all the words of the explanation I have just spoken in my consciousness, of course, not materially but purely symbolically! My level of consciousness is only as high as I myself allow it through my thoughts! The falsified ego! The electrical part of my aura magnetically only attracts thoughts that correspond to my current consciousness attitudes. However, the aura allows all other thoughts to pass through as well - it does not evaluate or manipulate thoughts that pass through. When these thought-charges reach my personal consciousness, they first migrate to the left half, where my intellectual and logical functions have their symbolic seat - my falsified ego! My falsified ego is the understanding of the world stored in my soul, which "I" supposedly gained through my upbringing and my own experiences and which is presented through my dogmatic logic. My falsified ego - with its attitudes, dominated by the collective worldview of the social consciousness - will refuse to absorb thought frequencies that are not in conformity with the worldview generally accepted as truth! My ego is - the refusal to absorb thoughts that might help me to see another reality !!! The REALITY is: I have the ability to know everything there is to know and I have the ability to make everything come true, what I want and I also have the ability to live forever if I wish - but mine falsified ego says categorically - NO! So "I" will only ever know what "I" tell myself to be truth, but my own divinity will always remain a secret to me - because being God means unlimited knowledge, unlimited being. On the other hand, to be a normal person means: to be the limited creature that does not open its mind to greater knowledge! A creature that would rather trust all sorts of scientific theories and fantasies instead of using the well-known divine wisdom of all religions in its own life

20 practice - who would rather be taught than be a teacher herself - who would rather look for protection than explore something herself. The soul computer Every thought creates a sensation and thus also a feeling in my consciousness and this feeling is sent to the soul and stored there. The soul is a great recording device, an unbiased biological computer that records with scientific accuracy every feeling I experience in my consciousness. When "I" feel emotionally addressed, then "I" feel a thought that has penetrated my aura and has been accepted by consciousness in order to evoke a stimulus in every body cell. The soul records this stimulus as a feeling or sensation in memory so that "I" can come back to it later. My memory My memory does not work visually, but on the basis of feelings - only the feeling creates the visual image. Memory also has no measurable size - it is simply there as a function of the soul, the soul computer. The soul does not store images or words in memory, but the feelings associated with these images and words. The soul sifts through the feeling that was felt throughout the body through the experience of the thought and looks for something similar in the memories, for something that the logical areas of my consciousness can recognize, so that my intellect can find a word to relate to the feeling describe. When the soul has found the appropriate feeling, it sends this information back to the consciousness to indicate that the thought has been fully understood throughout the body - my intellect then finds the appropriate word to describe the feeling. A thought is therefore not only understood in consciousness, but in the entirety of my body. Everything I can describe is associated with certain feelings that are based on certain emotional experiences. I recognize flowers as flowers because I have seen, touched, smelled, worn them in my buttonhole - flowers evoke a certain feeling in me. I recognize silk as silk because I associate it with certain sensory stimuli and emotional experiences that give rise to the term silk in me. Knowledge and facts How is a thought understood and known - through feeling - knowledge is completely feeling! A thought of something can only be known if it has been felt beforehand, only then does it have an identity. To know a thought means to let it into my performing consciousness and allow me to feel it and experience it as a body. Knowing doesn't mean that you can prove something - it 20