How would the earth function without people

A world without people? Inconceivably

Hannah and Celina | RS 8a
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What if we died out?

In many films it is common practice to show what the world looks like or might look like in the near future. It has often been speculated that the earth will go under because the Mayas or Aztecs stopped writing on their calendar. But the thought of what would happen to the world was never really carried on. We cannot imagine an earth without people. But what if we died out?

Even after a few hours without electricity

After just a few hours, our power supply would collapse because the power plants do not receive any fossil combustibles. Just 48 hours later, the nuclear power plants are in safety mode. After a few days, the subway tunnels (for example in New York or London) would be flooded with water because the pumps would no longer work. Just ten days later, the animals would die in the zoos and factory farms, because they are dependent on food every day. One or two months later, the coolant in the nuclear power plants is used up, and a series of explosions occur that are more powerful than Chernobyl and Fukushima. Our planet will recover from radioactivity more quickly and easily. Our streets will be covered with plants and the underwater world, especially animal species such as whales, will recover rapidly. The impressive metal structures like the Eiffel Tower will collapse in 300 years.

100,000 years later, our traces are barely recognizable. The Great Wall of China and Mount Rushmore, as well as pyramids, may remain for a few years longer. After just 35,000 years, our soil would be free of lead. The CO² content in our air is unfortunately so high that our air would only be free of CO² in 100,000 years. 250,000 years after humans became extinct, nuclear weapons would be phased out.

Together for the future of the earth

Many years later, an intelligent species will likely evolve and take over and build or change the earth all over again. But we don't want to think that far and prefer to concentrate on today and work together on how we can keep ourselves and the world alive for many years to come. Because honestly - we cannot and do not want to imagine the world without us humans.