Why did you lose faith in society

Lost trust in everything

Hello forum!

I'll just start writing, it might not help me either.

Since my last breakup, I've lost confidence in everything. I can no longer trust anyone and wonder what kind of sense life still makes for me. Not that I'm going to kill myself now, but the thoughts of tearing away from current life are always bigger. How to run away, I don't know!

Only "happy" couples around me. I, however, live alone and all my dreams are for Ar .. Am now at an age where you have to start, but I don't even have a partner. And with my trust, I need at least a decade so that I can trust the woman and continue planning.

In the end, I keep finding out that I am not worth living as a person. In my experience, women are only drawn to the asses that are never there for them and, in principle, unconditionally only live their own lives without the woman playing a role. Your role is to be a puppet and obey by the grain. And now don't tell me it's not like that. Of course, not everyone is like that, but in the end a multitude of women find the man who is popular everywhere, looks good and lets the little macho hang out. better. In the end, the loyal, honest and trustworthy man is the boring man who isn't interesting and you don't even have to worry about the end of the relationship because he doesn't hit on other women.

I experience the same rut every day. My thoughts are trapped and I can do what I want. In the end, it's just an infinite emptiness and hopelessness.

I really don’t know what to do next and I develop more and more hatred for life.

There are days when I want to die and then there are also days when I fear death and ask myself why I just don't use the time and have fun and enjoy. But in the next moment all the messing around with people comes up again, where I think again, yes, you shouldn't just be able to live.

As you can see, I've built up a lot of frustration and I can't get rid of it.

Is there anyone here who feels the same way and asks himself all of this?

At first you think you have found love, then you are ripped off by the bar and thread and now you are exhausted and become more and more closed. Then you thaw again, just want to get to know someone else again and then you get pushed in front of the head again. Yes, it borrows from me, from my appearance, from my nature or who knows what. Unfortunately nobody tells me that I shit. am At the beginning I get to know somebody, everything is fine, never a bad word and then everything is over again. I can't understand that and I don't have the strength for anything any more.

I often think to myself, oh, don't consider anyone else's feelings. The main thing is that I get what I want with all means. But I am not, but I am only looking for.

So why all this when every day is just a torture !?


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