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The most important abbreviations in online marketing

AdAdvertisingGerman: Advertising, is the generic term for any type of advertising material that is used in online marketing. These include, for example, advertising banners and text links.ConditionsTerms of ServiceAre pre-determined contractual conditions that are set by a party prior to the conclusion of a contract.AIArtificial IntelligenceGerman: Artificial Intelligence (KI), AI is a field of research that tries to simulate human perception and action through machines.APIApplication programming interfaceGerman: (Application) programming interface, with the help of the API, programs are provided with a tool that they can use to connect to the software system.B2BBusiness-to-businessBusiness relationships between at least two companies, for example in the sale of products and services.BCCBlind carbon copyWhen sending an email, the recipient addresses are hidden in the BCC.B2CBusiness-to-customerBusiness relationships between companies and customers, for example in common retail.C2CCustomer-to-customerBusiness relationships between at least two people without a legal form, for example on online exchanges such as Ebay.CCCarbon copyWhen sending an e-mail, the recipient address is visible in the CC.CDCorporate DesignGerman: corporate appearance, part of the corporate identity, for example a uniform website and product design.CEMCustomer Experience ManagementShall lead to recruiting of repeat customers through positive feedback, reviews, and word of mouth.CEOChief Executive OfficerGerman: Managing Director, sets business goals and the strategic direction of the company.CFOChief Financial OfficerGerman: commercial director, is responsible for managing the finances and financial planning of a company.CMOChief Marketing OfficerGerman: Sales manager, is responsible for the basic sales orientation of the company through various marketing channels.CMSContent management systemIs a program for the content design of websites. The best known examples are: Wordpress, Joomla and Typo3.COOChief Operating OfficerIn contrast to the CEO, he is responsible for the implementation of the set business goals and the operational business.CPACost-per-actionAlso known as Pay per Action (PPA), a specific billing model for the costs incurred in online advertising that triggers a desired action.CPCCost-per-clickIs a common billing method in online marketing, in which a certain price is determined for clicks on advertising material.CPLCost-per-leadUsed as a billing model in online marketing when an affiliate places a user who, for example, fills out a contact form on the merchant's website.CPMCost-per-milleOften associated with the synonym thousand contact price (CPM), it is a calculation model for the costs required to reach a thousand potential customers with an advertising medium.CPOCost-per-orderIn affiliate marketing, this refers to the remuneration that an affiliate receives from the merchant if a paying customer is successfully placed, i.e. a customer who places an order.CPSCost-per-saleIs a billing method in online marketing that determines the commission for an affiliate when there is an actual sales brokerage.CRConversion rateIs an important metric that describes the relationship between website visitors and transactions made.CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementStands for the maintenance of long-term customer relationships based on a company. Customer bases are built up and retained through CRM.CROConversion Rate OptimizationSee CR (Conversion Rate).CSSCascading style sheetsIs a program that defines all the design rules (colors, shapes and fonts) for a homepage. It is part of the general web standard.CTACall-to-ActionIn online marketing, designates a banner or button that is intended to persuade the user to continue clicking or to make a purchase.CXCustomer experienceGerman: Customer experience, CX refers to the customer experience with the product, see CEM (Customer Experience Management).FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsProviding information on particularly frequently asked questions.FBFacebookIs the most famous social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.FTPFile Transfer ProtocolIs a program to upload HTML encoded files (e.g. written with CSS) to a web server.GAGoogle AnalyticsGA is a Google online service that is used to analyze website traffic.HTMLHypertext Markup LanguageGerman: Hypertext: Markup language, HTML is a markup language that is used to create content on the World Wide Web.HTTPHypertext Transfer ProtocolUsed to locate a file. It indicates the beginning of the path of this file.HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureIn contrast to simple HTTP, it is a tap-proof transmission of data.JPG / JPEGJoint Photographic Expert GroupJPG is one of the most widely used image formats in the digital world. It is characterized by a comparatively small file size with the same image quality.AIArtificial intelligenceEnglish: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of research that tries to simulate human perception and action through machines.KPIKey performance indicatorIs a business key figure that measures how well the company's objectives are met. Various success factors are used for the measurement.PPAffiliate programAffiliate program, PP, is a possibility in affiliate marketing that website operators can earn money on the Internet as partners of advertisers.PPAPay per actionAlso known as Cost per Action (CPA), a specific billing model for the costs incurred in online advertising that triggers a desired action.PPCPay per clickSynonymous with cost-per-click.PPLPay per leadSynonym for cost-per-lead.PPSPay-per-saleSynonymous with cost-per-sale.POSPoint of saleIs the place where a sale takes place. The term is used in all areas of marketing and can therefore refer to both a physical location, such as a bakery, and an online shop.PRpublic relationsGerman: Public relations, is a media science term that describes the communication of a company to the outside world.ROIReturn on investmentReturn on investment, is the interest rate or the return on a certain amount of capital invested.ROSReturn on saleGerman: Return on sales, is a business figure in which the profit of a company is divided by the turnover. The ROS thus determines the company's profit margin.RTRetweetAn RT is the dissemination of a tweet / message that has already been sent by another user on the social network Twitter.SEASearch engine advertisingAre paid marketing measures to be found more easily in search engine rankings with an online presence for certain keywords.SEMSearch Engine MarketingGerman: Search engine marketing, is the generic term for all measures that should help an online presence to a better position in the search engine rankings. This includes the areas of SEO and SEA.SEOSearch engine optimizationGerman: Search engine optimization, includes all measures to be found faster in the organic search results. This includes all off- and on-page measures.SERPSearch Engine Result PageDescribes the pages on which search engines list their search results.SIVisibility indexThe SI is a measure of the visibility of a domain on Google's search results pages. This can be recorded with the Sistrix tool, for example.CPMThousand contact priceIs a model for calculating the costs incurred in reaching thousands of potential customers with a specific advertising medium.CRTop level domainTLD refers to the section to the right of the point of a domain in the Internet. There are domain endings for certain countries (.de, .uk) and general domain endings (.aero, .com).TNPPrice per thousand usersIs a model for calculating the costs incurred in order to reach thousands of different people in the target group.UAPUnique advertising propositionIs a unique selling point of a company with regard to its advertising measures, which set the company apart from the competition.UGCUser-generated contentDescribes content that is not made available by the website operator himself, but by the users of the website. This includes, for example, comments on blogs and forums.UrlUniform Resource LocatorAddress of a website that starts with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP or HTTPS.USPUnique selling propositionIs a unique selling point of a company, be it in terms of quality or cost advantages, compared to market competition.UXUser experience is the experienceWhich a user collects with a website. In online marketing this is always tried to optimize.W3CWorld Wide Web ConsortiumW3C is a body that advocates uniform technologies in the use and development of the Internet.WWWWorld wide webwww is a global network in the form of a hypertext system that can be accessed via the Internet.