How can you increase your height

How to Increase Height Naturally? Are these ads gimmicks?

At the age of 24, your physical growth is now more or less balanced. I'm afraid there are no easy ways to get bigger. I've heard of stories where people have surgery on their bones to make them break and heal, break and heal ... and gain half an inch each time. I don't know the truth, but all I can imagine is that it is not common, that it is not covered by health insurance, and that it is likely to be extremely painful.

Back to "normal" growth, there is an increase in height around the cartilage ends of the longer bones that make up the skeleton (e.g. Femur ). Cartilage tissue slowly builds calcium and eventually turns into bone, a process known as "osteogenesis" (note that this description of the process is oversimplified). This usually happens from childhood through teenagers and is occasionally linked to joint pain in children. By the age of 18-20, major changes in height have already occurred, and the body begins to "fill" the bones and build in thickness instead of length (again greatly simplified).

There are several things that are said to cause or promote the growth of height. Fish oils are an example of this. I didn't use them myself as they were quite expensive, but I knew some people who did when we were younger (~ 14-15 years old). While some have grown significantly larger, you never know if it's the fish oils or pills they took, or if their natural growth has shifted into higher gear. A twin study would be interesting to read where it can be assumed that genetic factors are the same among subjects. Unfortunately, I have never come across an article like this.

Finally, of course, diet is also important. The consumption of dairy products is related to the growth of children and adolescents. However, it is likely that the relationship is a substrate rather than an active component. In other words, milk may not make you grow taller than you should (based on your genes), but when consumed in good amounts, you can likely reach your growth potential.