Shriddevi is murdered

Sridevi Kapoor: Emotional farewell to her husband

Bollywood star Sridevi Kapoor was cremated in her native India. Her husband said goodbye with touching words.

Sridevi Kapoor (1963-2018) started her last journey. Thousands of people lined the streets of Mumbai, India on Wednesday to pay tribute to the legendary Bollywood star. The actress tragically died last week at a family wedding in Dubai. Sridevi passed out in the bathtub of her hotel and drowned. That was the result of the autopsy of her body. At first there was talk of a heart attack.

The remains of Sridevi were flown home Tuesday evening in a private plane owned by Indian industrialist and entertainment mogul Anil Ambani, according to British newspaper The Guardian. Sridevis husband, Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor (62), published an emotional statement on his wife's Twitter page: "Losing a friend, a wife and the mother of your two young daughters is a loss that is inexplicable in words . "

Boney Kapoor further wrote: "For the world she was the Chandni (a film role, d. Ed.) ... an actress par excellence ... her Sridevi ... but for me she was my love, my friend, the mother of our girls ... my partner. For our daughters she was everything ... she was their life. She was the axis around which our family revolved. "

Sridevi's body was laid out on a flower-decked raised platform in a private estate near her home, according to The Guardian. Several family members as well as Bollywood stars and close friends paid their last respects there. Sridevi's body was dressed in a brightly colored sari. She wore a heavy gold chain around her neck. A red dot, a so-called bindi, was painted on her forehead. The British TV broadcaster BBC reports that the actress's body was subsequently cremated. Sridevi leaves behind her husband and two daughters Janhvi and Khushi.