What are pieces of music that reduce anxiety?

What helps against fears of an operation?

As a first step against anxiety, understanding its effects can help. Fear is a very strong feeling. One of their tasks is to protect against danger. For one thing, fear can prevent you from exposing yourself to risky situations. On the other hand, it prepares the body to be able to defend itself in danger or to flee quickly. Therefore, fear makes the heart beat faster, increases blood pressure and keeps you awake. But if there is no real danger, these reactions are superfluous and can have negative consequences.

Most people learn over time to manage their fears and deal with worrying situations. Depending on the trigger of the fear, they develop appropriate coping strategies. But going to the hospital and an upcoming operation represent a completely new situation for many of those affected. This often requires emotional and practical support from relatives and friends.

Personal strategies against fear of an operation can be very different: Some people try to prevent fear or stress by informing themselves early on and sharing their worries with other people. Others distract themselves by reading or using exercise or relaxation techniques, such as slow, deep breathing. Several studies suggest that listening to music before surgery can reduce anxiety. Music can help relax and distract you. Which kind of music helps someone is a matter of taste.