Is BTS married to someone

BTS Single or taken? In the big interview, they unpack

BTS is the greatest band in the world. What millions of screaming teenagers have known for tens of years, the rest of the world now seems to have understood too. Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are not just a fringe phenomenon. You are the new benchmark in the music industry. That only became clear a few days ago when they - once again - made history. They were the first K-Pop band to be nominated for a Grammy for their hit Dynamite. An accolade for every artist. For BTS, as RM himself says in an interview with "Esquire", which took place before the Grammy nomination, "the end of their American path".

A nomination that is a great honor on the one hand, and long overdue on the other. The Grammys have been accused of xenophobia for years. The fact that the nomination was for Dynamite of all places, the band's only completely English song, can be acknowledged with a slightly sarcastic smile. At the end of the day it doesn't matter, doesn't it? Dynamite is a world hit and a Grammy is a Grammy. But what is it like to be the largest band in the world during a pandemic? They shared all of this and more in a personal interview with "Esquire".

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BTS album "BE" was created because of Corona

While some have spent the past few months bumbling on the couch dreaming of a better year, BTS did just the opposite. The guys work damn hard, Corona or not. Because in addition to their online concerts, they wrote and produced a new album on the side. "BE" is heavily influenced by the corona pandemic. "Dynamite would not have existed without Corona. To be honest, the whole album would not have existed". The reason for this is the world tour the guys would have been on this year. But of course this was canceled due to Corona.

The boys also have to nibble on the corona pandemic. In their songs they usually never shy away from criticizing and highlighting social grievances. But that is not what "BE" should be about. "There aren't any songs on the album that deal with social issues. We're all having a really tough time right now," said RM. The best example is dynamite. "For the song we wanted something light and simple and positive," says RM. Jin adds, "We wanted to convey something healing and comforting to our fans. World domination was not our plan." Well, oops. They succeeded in world domination with Dynamite by the way.

World stars also have uncertainties

BTS are incredibly hard working guys. Have more than earned every little piece of their incredible success. Every non-K-Pop fan has to acknowledge that they are also packed to the brim with sheer talent. But anyone who thinks that millions of Armys, a Grammy nomination or the # 1 hit of the "BillboardHot 100" is enough to bristle with self-confidence is wrong. "I heard that there is this mask complex. 70 percent of the so-called successful people have it. Basically, there is this mask over my face. And these people are afraid that someone will take this mask off. We have this one Fear too. But as I said, 70 percent have that, so I think it's quite normal. (…) People are not perfect and we have these problems and flaws. And one way to deal with the pressure and the burden is admitting the downsides, "says RM.

The guys deal with these insecurities in their songs. Which of course also contributes to their great success. Because it is almost impossible not to find yourself in your lyrics and to be understood and seen. Despite their blatant success, they have remained on the ground and you can identify with them.

Are the guys from BTS taken?

The fans, or rather Armys, are just as crazy about their music as they are about the boys themselves. No wonder, the seven boys are really cute. For example, Jungkook was recently named the "Sexiest International Man 2020" by "People" magazine. It is of course clear that all boys can hardly save themselves from offers from girls. In the "Esquire" interview, of course, they wanted to know what the dating situation was like. The answer was very clear: The guys don't date and are single - because they simply don't have any time. "The most important thing for us right now is sleep," says Jungkook.

RM adds: "Our love life - 24 hours, seven days a week - is worldwide with all the armies". The fans know that this declaration of love is meant seriously and not just a phrase. Because they owe their great success, especially in the western world, to a large extent to their army and this is emphasized by Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook at every opportunity. Because like the band themselves, the BTS fans are an incredible phenomenon in themselves.