Is the expert system technology still in effect?

Technical perspectives of expert system technology

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  • Wolfgang Coy
  • Lena Bonsiepen
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It is unlikely that expert systems will maintain their separate role as software of a very special kind that they currently occupy for years to come. The developers of practical expert systems have largely made the separation from the researchers of artificial intelligence. The forms of expert systems developed today no longer play an essential role as a research topic at AI conferences: "Although potentially useful, expert systems are not a theoretical advance towards our goal of inventing an intelligent machine" [299]. However, they still serve as the flagship of ‘successful’ AI applications and are therefore still included in the AI ​​as an application area of ​​knowledge representation or inference systems, although it can be seen that the research in these AI areas also has different models. It is of course conceivable that due to this development within the AI ​​community there will be a clear break between pure AI basic research ’and applied knowledge processing’. This is already included in the naming of the newly founded Ulm ‘Research Center for Applied Knowledge Processing’.

In the long run all science will be artificial intelligence


In general, progress has the fact that it looks much bigger than it really is.

Johann Nepomuk Nestroy

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