Is 4 hours of sleep enough

Lack of sleep - is 5 hours of sleep enough?

Many people suffer from insomnia. Sleeping more than a few hours is more the rule than the exception.

Are sleep disorders mostly due to stress. Other people, on the other hand, sometimes deliberately sleep less. That means more time for work, family or leisure.

You probably know so-called "Power people". This species of man likes to brag that he or she is just five hours or less sleeps a night.

And to get through the day even more productively. Most of the time, however, this is not really the case. However, there are actually certain people, the so-called "Short sleeper" are.

However, these are genetic anomalies. These people are really fit after only four to five hours of sleep. Napoleon and Margaret Thatcher were among them. Probably also Thomas Edison and Donald Trump.

Up to 99% of all people do not, however, belong to this small, elitist group. The average adult needs about seven to eight hoursSleep per night.

Of course, it often happens that you only get a few hours of sleep. In acute stressful situations, Like final exams, breakups, or jet lag, lack of sleep is widespread. Sleep researcher Dr. Yelena Chernyak of Indiana University explains that the body is endowed with responsiveness.

The body pours out adrenaline when going through a chaotic or difficult life change. Some people experience such life changes repeatedly - or rather stressors. “Chronic lack of sleep occurs when the natural reaction process does not stop after the original stressor has disappeared", Explains Dr. Chernyak.