What's so great about Kanye West

Oh Yeezus Christ! 4 reasons the Kanye West shoes are so hype

2015 is done, now we warmly welcome 2016 and dive straight into the wonderful and crazy world of fashion. Because this year we can expect trendy styles, but unfortunately also questionable or not-so-nice looks. But like every year we fight our way through and create the perfect styling out of the mish-mash.

A certain type of shoe is currently more popular and sought-after than ever. The whole world is talking about shoes. No wonder when the self-proclaimed music and fashion god Kanye West designs a shoe together with adidas. In that case, the result can only be a masterpiece of the finest kind.

The Kanye West Yeezy shoes are an absolute hit right now. According to the British “Vogue”, the man from reality TV star Kim Kardashian is to be awarded the “Shoe of The Year” prize, a very recognized award, for his adidas Yeezy Boost 350 shoe. Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik were already happy about it. Soon Mr. West will join the ranks of super designers! This news certainly does not go past the Hollywood starlets. Everything that is IN must be worn by celebrities. This now also includes the Yeezys. Especially for "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams, rapper Big Sean or Hollywood's hottest model clique around Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, the kicks have become favorites.

The famous Lakers star Nick Young won't go on the field without his adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts in all black. Remember, the Kanye West shoes are not basketball shoes. These are perfectly normal sneakers for everyday life! Crazy? Oh yeah!

For many, the shoes are a must-have, a status symbol and without them you are out! For this, many young students skip classes (fuck the graduation, no !? ;-), some travel here especially to get hold of a pair of shoes - and that in the freezing cold. The right sneakerheads are already camping in front of the shops a week before the release and wait, wait, wait, wait and wait.

Oh yeezus! What did you do People are crazy. So much strength and energy FOR ONE PAIR OF SHOES ONLY? Why?

Many of you have probably asked yourself this question. We researched endlessly and found four suitable reasons for the Yeezy madness. So ladies and gents, brothers and sisters: open your eyes, now comes enlightenment!


The hype about the person: Kanye West

For fans and followers who follow the rapper's life and every step, the adidas Yeezy sneakers are the icing on the cake, the icing on the cake. Many people look at the styles of music artists from the hip hop / rap scene (Run DMC, Chris Brown) as well as looks from famous athletes (such as LeBron James, Jerome Boateng and many more). When a world star like Kanye West launches his own shoe collection, chaos breaks out. Everyone wants to look as cool and stylish as a star! And that definitely works with the Yeezy‘s. An absolute eye-catcher!


*** EXCLUSIVE *** Available for a limited time only

The eternally long queues at every sales start are not so long for nothing. Kanye West and adidas were very smart with the production and only bring strictly limited editions onto the market. The rush is accordingly very large. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Those who are lucky and are in the right place at the right time can look forward to their new Yeezy's. Unlike other sneakers, not everyone wears Kanye West shoes on the street. You are special and automatically stand out from the others.


Business, business, business

As a matter of fact! Almost everything revolves around business and sales! Of course, many do not miss it. The adidas Yeezy‘s have celebrity status, are limited in number and are currently the most sought-after, most discussed and recognized shoes in the world. Anyone who has got hold of a pair of adidas sneakers in a popular and popular size can easily resell them online. Some sometimes even sell the jewelry for five times as much.

No 4

Sneaker collector investment in unworn shoes

It used to be very popular to collect stamps, stickers, Gogos figures, YuGiOh cards and you haven't seen them. In the meantime the tide has turned and a new passion has emerged - collecting sneakers. And they dig deep into their pockets for their passion. In contrast to the "normal people" who buy the Yeezy's, for example, it's not just about presenting the shoe to the whole world. It's more about owning the shoe. The collectors attach great importance to rare and unique as well as extraordinary products. The value increases even more with unworn shoes. To get a pair of the limited editions, they accept camping for days in front of the store. These three important points make the selected shoe, in our case the adidas Yeezy‘s, extraordinary and expensive for the collector: the model, the limitation and the shoe designer.