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Mrs. Sweden

Finally the temperature is starting to creep up here in the north and we can start the summer unofficially. This weekend the children were in the water for the first time of the season, on our small beach on Orust. It's the best (completely impartial of course) beach there is. It's small so that you have an overview, there is a sandy beach, a small bay for the little ones and a jetty with deep water for the rest of us. And then we have our little boathouse, where the children can throw all their things in, so that there is no long start and we don't have to pack every time before we run to the bathroom.

Julius was first in the water (a neighbor told me it was twelve degrees Celsius) and swam around with a happy, life-affirming smile on his face.

Elisabeth took it a little slower, but eventually she swam a few quick strokes too.

This time I didn't get any further with the bath, but the next time I just have to go in. I, who want to be a winter swimmer, should be ashamed of such a late premiere.

Edward is not yet an aquatic animal, so he spent most of his time on the beach ...

... in his new, cool linen pants, which will be perfect this summer.

The children can have fun here for an unlimited time and the highlight is of course the crab fishing, which they somehow never get tired of.

When the fishing is done, it's time for a crab race. All the crabs are placed on the sand and then the little crawlers run towards the water, all to the enthusiastic cheering of the children.

Often times, they build a rather complicated path for the crabs to traverse to reach the sea. When the crabs were safe again, we packed up our things and went home to the cottage to make coffee. This is how most sunny summer days come and I don't mind. I don't need anything other than that. ♡