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netzeffekt GmbH expands high-performance database technology

  • Realtime evaluation of user journey data

  • Cooperation with EXASOL AG

netzeffekt GmbH implements the high-performance database of

Netzeffekt uses the new technology in its in-house tools such as in the affiliate network FinanceQuality, in the performance tracking system nfxTrack and for BI evaluations via Tableau. By using the new database technology, the world's fastest analytical database can be used (according to EXASOL's own information).

As of now, netzeffekt is able to cope with the analytically highly complex requirements in the shortest possible time and thus to cope with the increasingly rapidly growing business intelligence tasks in the future.

EXASOL sometimes uses netzeffekt to calculate attribution models from the user journal data collected via nfxTrack. Around 10 million data records are currently processed in this way every day. With the combination of EXASOL and nfxTrack, a high-performance, state-of-the-art software solution can be offered.

“By using the EXASOL database technology, we can calculate all evaluations based on user journal data with maximum performance. We are also able to incorporate a large number of external data and data sources into our calculations, ”says Florian Sänger, Technical Director of netzeffekt GmbH. Using EXASOL technology, everyday tasks such as querying BI reports are made easier. "Due to the special features such as clustering, parallel data processing and column-oriented storage, we are now able to create complex evaluations extremely quickly," added Sänger.

“As an online marketing agency, netzeffekt belongs to a rapidly growing category of companies that we classify as data-driven business. These not only use data, but their entire core business is based on the analysis and evaluation of data. Like all of our customers, netzeffekt should be able to devote itself entirely to its main tasks without the database becoming a bottleneck for business success. Our solution, based on in-memory technology, will help you because it is fast, self-optimizing and is always professionally looked after by our personal support ”, explains Aaron Auld, CEO of EXASOL AG.

About netzeffekt GmbH:

As a performance agency of the Jung von Matt Group, netzeffekt is part of a strong, independent network and combines brand expertise with sales targets. Our experienced team supports well-known customers with strategy, product, process and the marketing of their products and services on the Internet.
The range of services extends from analysis and advice on all digital issues, through professional campaign management to conception, creation and technical implementation. With the help of all relevant disciplines in performance marketing, such as SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate Marketing and Performance Display Advertising, we help our customers to find new prospects and end customers in a verifiable and transparent manner. Of course, our measures are carried out in accordance with the overall strategy of our customers and also take into account the interactions between traditional offline channels and the digital world.

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EXASOL AG is a leading manufacturer of analytical database systems. EXASOL's core product is software based on in-memory technology for professional, parallel and fast data analysis. EXASOL offers comprehensive solution scenarios for business intelligence, customer insight and data warehousing up to complex predictive analytics in real time.

EXASOL AG was founded in Nuremberg in 2000 and has branches in England and Israel. At the headquarters in Nuremberg, Aaron Auld (CEO), Mathias Golombek (CTO), Michael Konrad (COO / CFO) and Sean Jackson (CMO) as well as the team stand for quality, passion and customer relationships based on partnership. Start-ups, medium-sized companies and established global companies already rely on technology “Made in Germany”, including Adidas, XING, Sony Music, Olympus, Zalando, King, stayfriends, Semikron and Webtrekk.

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