What is a good birthday present that is useful

Meaningful and useful gifts for seniors

Shortly before Christmas or birthdays, the question arises as to which gift can be used to make parents happy. Finding gifts for seniors is usually particularly difficult. We will give you tips and ideas for the perfect gift.

Finding gifts for seniors is not easy

Giving presents to older people is usually not easy. They all already have the necessary everyday utensils, they are often no longer open to luxury and there is often simply no room for new, large things in the small apartments.

In addition, they are tied into a corset of habits that leave little room for change. “I'm already too old for that” or “I don't need it anymore” are not always just excuses that family and friends should rather save the money for more important things than gifts. To a large extent, these excuses also reflect the fear of unwanted changes.

Furthermore, there are also restrictions due to intolerance or even illnesses. Some things that used to be a pleasure are simply no longer tolerated in old age. Small gifts such as high-proof alcohol, strong coffee, fatty delicacies, sugar-rich foods such as chocolate are on the “prohibited list” for many seniors and so the otherwise popular gift basket is becoming increasingly meager.

Depending on the age, the active area of ​​life gradually narrows. Useful gifts such as travel guides for sprightly seniors in their sixties or seventies will no longer be an option for many eighty-year-olds because they limit their radius to the familiar place and some of the big, wide world then rely on the familiarity of their comfort Withdraw apartment

Lots of ideas for the right gift for seniors

Therefore, many things make it difficult for us to wish to give original gifts from the heart to loved ones. Many seniors lack money and could very well use useful gifts. While we as children gush with gift ideas, many seniors no longer have a good answer when you ask them what you could give them.

It is important that no matter who you want to give a gift to, you should know their needs, possibilities and living conditions well. In old age this is made more difficult by the fact that, for various reasons, these are no longer so openly expressed and the giver can no longer empathize with the recipient's situation.

Useful gifts for seniors at home

Many older people hardly go outside their front door. As a rule, they often prevent health reasons from doing so. It is all the more important that the elderly feel comfortable in their apartment. This can also be considered when giving presents, because every apartment can be optically upgraded with pretty home accessories.

However, these should not necessarily be purely decorative elements that are only on the shelf. In the best of cases, beautiful objects also have a practical use. For example, a bird feeder that can be attached to the outside of the window with suction cups. Such a place is not only decorative, but also a lot of fun when watching the birds.

Basically, of course, small gifts for seniors such as home accessories should harmonize with the furnishings and meet the personal taste of the recipient.


Less is more. Some seniors fear change as their homes are their safe haven. A complete renovation is therefore not necessarily recommended, but even with small accents, a home can be significantly embellished.

The present basket as a present for seniors

A gift basket can bring back old memories.

Older people are often very frugal. Some could afford expensive groceries, but they were brought up differently and never indulge themselves in it. A self-assembled gift basket is a useful gift for seniors. There can then be many things that older people like but never indulge in.

You can also put old memories in it. So when you hear from your relative in a conversation: “After the war I always got chocolate syrup from America and made cocoa out of it. Not to be compared with what you can buy nowadays. ”Then they prick up their ears. Try getting this syrup and together with a cocoa cup you will have a great little present for seniors.


But they only get such childhood memories out when they talk to their older loved one about them. Pay attention to such things in conversation and great and sometimes funny gift ideas for seniors will grow out of them.

“And my aunt would never have tried olive oil without a food basket!” A gift basket also offers such opportunities - to discover something new. It doesn't always have to be the old German, home-style cuisine that can be found in such a basket. But not too much new. This could lead to disappointment.

Giving away time is the most valuable gift for seniors

Time and mobility are very valuable gifts: picking them up for a walk, inviting them to a nice café, going to the theater together, attending a classical concert or a car trip to a beautiful destination.

Old people are most happy about ‘time ’. When someone listens to them, does something with them, exchanges ideas and lets them participate in life outside ’again. Get away from the daily routine that many older people like to creep in. Time can be a much more precious gift for seniors than any gift bought. Because such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

Giving memories is a popular gift for seniors


A photo book as a gift for seniors can be designed quickly online.

An old postcard from the place of birth of the relative from the time of his youth. Or a calendar with photos from his hometown. Such original gifts for seniors create a lot of narrative material. Pictures are easy to find on the Internet, where you can also quickly create the calendar online in numerous online photo shops. Such a calendar or a postcard reminds senior citizens of the giver all year round and is a popular Christmas present, especially at Christmas, just before the turn of the year.

In addition to postcards and calendars, photo books can also be made as small gifts for seniors on the Internet. The photo book can contain a wide variety of images, depending on who is giving it away. Pictures of childhood, pictures of working hours together, pictures of past and present or pictures with the grandchildren. There are no limits to the imagination in the design and your own ideas can be brought in. Photo books are very durable and a great idea as a Christmas or birthday present.

Original gifts such as self-compiled music CD's with songs from that time awaken memories in the senior citizen. In advance you can find out in a conversation what he or she loved to hear back then.

Be creative and make the senior happy with an original gift

A review of the last few years in the form of a book or calendar will probably delight seniors just as much at Christmas as a CD with favorite songs from childhood and adolescence. A self-made video of the family with interviews or a few lovely words is an original gift and can certainly move the senior to tears. Watching them together at Christmas is of course a must.

Make small gifts for seniors with their grandchildren

Painting canvases, designing picture frames or making tea lights out of glasses are some other very popular small gifts for seniors for Christmas. Especially if they were designed together with the grandchildren. Then nothing can go wrong and your loved one will definitely be happy about the Christmas present.

Creams and perfumes as a gift idea for the elderly

A woman, no matter what age, can hardly survive a good perfume.


Almost every woman loves a gift in the form of a perfume, a well-smelling cream or soap. Many have preferred the same fragrance for years, which makes purchasing easy and you can't go wrong. In addition to a perfume, soothing ointments or creams can also be given away. For example, if the recipient suffers from insomnia, the senior may be happy about high-quality CBD oil. Klosterfrau Melissa spirit or horse ointment are also useful gifts for seniors.

Money present as a useful gift for seniors

Gifts of money can also be a useful gift for older people. Provided they are given with a lot of tact and love. If you want to give money to your parents, you have to be very sure that they don't get it wrong and be very careful and loving.


If vouchers are chosen as gifts for seniors, caution is advised. It can very well happen that - for whatever reason, e.g. for convenience - these are not redeemed at all. This cannot be in the interests of either the giver or the recipient. So if you give vouchers, you have to make sure that both sides are really happy to redeem them.

Aid for more comfortable aging as a gift for seniors

A home emergency call system ensures, among other things, a fear-free life. This useful gift is a great addition to the lives of seniors


Aids for getting older more comfortably are also a useful gift for seniors. There is a large selection such as emergency call systems, senior remote controls or vacuum robots. Buying these products is usually not the problem. It becomes more difficult for the recipient to accept this help. Older people often shy away from using this aid - no matter how useful it is.

You should talk to the recipient about the gift idea for such aids in advance so that they do not surprise and thus take them off guard. Because if you feel taken by surprise, you will not use these articles. Go through catalogs or websites together and discuss what would be most useful in your own household. And then make a list and allow time to think about it before ordering.

This time to think about it is important because it initiates a familiarization process. This also includes talking to other people of the same age and asking them for their opinion. One must not forget that older people are also integrated into social networks and exchange ideas with one another there.

If the aid is found to be good by most, the senior citizen gift should only then be ordered or bought. But the process is far from over. Now comes the phase of learning to use it, which is certainly accompanied by new problems. Here, too, the patience of the giver is again required.

A common problem is the useful life, which older people often keep in mind for themselves but also for the giver. Many older people say that investing money for the few years that remain is no longer worthwhile. A fatal attitude that often leaves you speechless as a giver. It is best to deal with it in a matter-of-fact way and to point out that there is also a second-hand market for some, rather impersonal products, where they can be resold. For many aids there is also a subsidy from the long-term care insurance. As a result, the acquisition costs may not even be that high.

And it is usually an important argument that not only the seniors, but also the relatives are relieved by the useful gift. If it is openly discussed, it is no longer considered selfish, but simply sensible to get used to the new help.

For personal products that can no longer be used or inherited, you have to emphasize the great benefits and do a little more persuasion. Here too, acquaintances, friends of the same age, often help to strengthen acceptance.

Organize a company or an excursion as a gift

Visits are certainly one of the easiest and most popular ways of personal contact and they are rarely seen as gifts. But going on a trip yourself naturally changes the impression and is seen as a great gift.

Older people like to think back on their life or on contact with former companions or friends, e.g. from their youth. A great gift for seniors who are also no longer as mobile as they used to be and therefore can no longer see their old friends often is to surprise them with a visit to their old acquaintances as a gift. Take over the whole planning and organization and give this excursion or trip for Christmas. This gift idea will then be a special experience for your loved one.

Last but not least, a tip:

But the most important thing is always, and seniors in particular notice this very intensely: It is not the size of the gifts that is decisive, but the individuality and how much love there is in them.